This woman died for 40 minutes, doctors were shocked by what they saw in her body

This woman's body was discovered by her fiancé, and she came back to life after 40 minutes.

This woman died for 40 minutes after a date night went horribly wrong
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This woman died for 40 minutes after a date night went horribly wrong

Near-death experiences scare and intrigue us in equal measure, which is why we are always fascinated to hear about them, even when they have some grim details. We have heard about the man who fell from a cliff and was shocked by who he saw in heaven, and the woman who died for 8 minutes and discovered what happens when God cries.

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Now, we have a very creepy story from a mum of three who died during a date night gone wrong. She suffered a cardiac arrest and after being discovered by her fiancé, she was rushed to hospital. Later, doctors were shocked by what they saw in her body’s recovery. Here’s what she experienced.

How Kirsty Bortoft died

Kirsty had been planning a date night with her fiancé Stu when she had her near-death experience. Kirsty's father had offered to cook pizza for her three sons so she could enjoy some alone time with Stu, but when he got home he found her still as a statue on the sofa.

Her skin was covered in ‘strange’ hexagonal patterns, her fiancé reported. Her eyes, though ‘lifeless’, were open. Stu immediately started CPR and called emergency services and Kirsty was rushed to hospital where she was ultimately placed in an induced coma. It turns out that the anxiety coach died for 40 minutes as medics desperately scrambled to save her life.

Kirsty had a 6% chance of survival

Kirsty’s chances were bleak; her family and partner were told to prepare for the worst. She explains:

The first night was crucial and it wasn't looking good, where Stu was told he should prepare for me not making it – but he wasn't having any of it.

He videocalled her, despite the fact she was lying unresponsive in a hospital bed, and told her that they would get married when she pulled through. While unconcious, Kirsty realised some important things about life and death:

I realised you don't die, only your body moves on and that my mission here wasn't over yet.

Kirsty’s miraculous recovery

Kirsty explained that no one but her family knew what had happened. Yet, her psychic friend got in touch with her sister:

She said my spirit was in her front room and I was asking her to write lists for my boys and dad.
My sister told her I was in the hospital fighting for my life and apparently, I was there for over two hours.
I told [my friend] that my body was breaking down and I didn't think I could back get into it, but she got stern with me and told me to go back.

Kirsty, having become a monk in 2015, had a substantial network of spiritual and religious people. Stu alerted individuals and groups who ‘started off a wave of healing work' for Kirsty’s recovery.

A few days into her coma, medics decided she was stable enough to be woken up. She immediately asked for Stu and the pair had an emotional reunion. A few days later, he popped the question as promised.

When she came back to her body, Kirsty explains:

I recall upon finally coming back in to my body, that I knew exactly what I needed to do to heal, like a download of information.
Everyday I mediated and imagined a white golden light flowing through the cells of my body – people would laugh when I would say: 'I know I may have just had a near death experience, but I'm fit and healthy' – I knew what I was doing.

Whatever she was doing worked: her recovery increased rapidly. On day 10 after her near-death, a radiographer x-rayed her lungs and was left ‘flabbergasted’:

the scarring and water had practically gone

Kirsty says she is a braver person because of her experience, and is keen to make the most of this second life that she has been gifted.

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