This woman was dead for 27 minutes and ‘saw Jesus face to face’

It appears like another person has come back from the dead…

Woman dead for 27 minutes Jesus death
Woman dead for 27 minutes Jesus death

Since we are nearing the end of October, stories about people coming back to life have been abundant. While we used to think that death was something people didn’t come back from, we now have doubts as more and more people seem to have managed to return.

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This story which took place in 2018 is just as terrifying as it is reassuring. This woman passed for 27 minutes and when she came back she had a lot to say.

Tina Hines goes into cardiac arrest

Tina Hines was having a normal day in 2018 when, all of a sudden, she collapsed in front of her husband. In shock, the man performed CPR until paramedics arrived. For a total of 27 minutes, Tina had no pulse despite being shocked with a defibrillator six times.

However, when she got to the hospital the woman was intubated and came back to life. Even though the incident had a toll on her, as soon as she could she requested pen a paper and managed to write the words

It’s real

A visit in the afterlifeand an encounter with Jesus

The words left her husband and children confused. At her bedside, they tried to understand what the woman was talking about. They asked her:

The pain? The hospital?

Not much response. Until Tina’s daughter asked


Tina nodded yes.

When she was able to do so, Tina spoke and she told her family what she had seen and experienced during her 27 minutes of death. According to her, she was in the afterlife and ‘saw Jesus face to face’.

She also described an 'incredible glow that was the most vibrant and beautiful yellow' on top of an overwhelming sense of peacefulness.

Science could explain Tina's experience

LadBible, which tells this story, also puts forward the fact that numerous people who died for a period of time have also claimed to see and feel something that leads them to believe in the afterlife.

However, according to a study done in 2013 on rats at the University of Michigan, the brain is much more active during these episodes which could explain the visions. Dr Jimo Borjigin explains:

A lot of people thought that the brain after clinical death was inactive or hypoactive, with less activity than the waking state, and we show that is definitely not the case.
If anything, it is much more active during the dying process than even the waking state.

While we cannot take away from Tina’s experience and beliefs, there might be a scientific explanation to what happened during her 27 minutes of death.

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