Man manages to talk with his dead grandmother thanks to A.I.

A Chinese engineer has recently developed a new technology that uses artificial intelligence to allegedly communicate with the dead.

man innovation talk dead grandmother A.I.
© Yuichiro Chino / Getty Images
man innovation talk dead grandmother A.I.

It's a new technology that's set to revolutionise the funeral industry in China. A young engineer from Nanjing, 300 km west of Shanghai, is the creator of a brand new concept. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now possible to dialogue with the dead via a screen. In a report by Franceinfo, a young man chatted with his grandmother, who died several months ago, via a tablet. It was following the death of his grandmother that the expert decided to create this technology.

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A revolutionary concept

He explained:

I was excited and relieved. I had been feeling guilty for not spending enough time with my grandmother before she passed away and for devoting too much time to my work. When I heard her first words, I felt less guilty, that I'd found a way to talk to my grandmother and hear her ask me, for example, if I'd eaten well today.

Hundreds of programmers work daily to develop digital profiles of the deceased. Yang Yang, one of the site's managers, adds:

Our technology is already very advanced and works very well. To copy the physical appearance, all we need is a three-minute video of the person speaking while making natural, habitual gestures. For the sound, we need around ten minutes of audio recording. It all takes just a few days.

Bringing the dead back to life

Yang Yang explains further:

For thought cloning, it's a process that's more progressive: the more matter we have, the more resemblance there is to the deceased person. As we accelerate the development of our technology, the dialogue becomes more and more elaborate.

The price for access to this concept is 2,000 euros. However, the price can be increased according to the family's wishes regarding the possibility of dialogue with the deceased, for example.

This article has been translated from Gentside FR.

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