This man organizes unusual treasure hunts for his followers

For several weeks now, a resident of Épernay, France, has been running a treasure hunt on TikTok, hiding banknotes in his town.

man hides banknotes town surprise treasure hunt
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man hides banknotes town surprise treasure hunt

For several weeks now, the inhabitants of Épernay, France, have been playing an unusual game. A man who doesn't want to reveal his identity is hiding five and ten euro banknotes in various places around town. On TikTok, under the pseudonym Cash Game Epernay, the user shares videos in which we can see him hiding the money and showing the location of the hiding place. He tells his 4,500 followers:

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Over 200 euros found

A real treasure hunt then began in Épernay. 'It could be any kind of place near a park, a square or a market', the game's initiator told Le Parisien on Thursday, December 14. The man confided that he was doing this to entertain people, and is leaving himself a little more time to pursue the adventure. Over the past four weeks, he has already distributed more than 200 euros.


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He explained:

I regularly receive messages of thanks from people who have found the loot. I don't have an unlimited budget. So I'm going to stay reasonable and keep posting videos without breaking the bank.

Indeed, his subscribers are very responsive. In less than 15 minutes, after a video has been posted, the treasure is already found. He now covers the whole Marne department, from Épernay to Reims, via Châlons-en-Champagne.

A concept that appeals

And Internet users are asking for more.

Of course, I'm seeing it too late, do it again on Monday please!
Could you do it in Reims please?
Come to Mulhouse next!
I'll be in Starsbourg on Monday!
Can you come and put one on my windshield lol
This is a crazy concept, I love it!

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