Man who had a near-death experience reveals what he saw in the afterlife

Nobody knows what happens after we die. Except perhaps the people who go through near-death experiences, like this medium who shared what he experienced after spending two months in a coma.

Man who was in a coma reveals fascinating testimony of what he saw in the afterlife
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Man who was in a coma reveals fascinating testimony of what he saw in the afterlife

The believers will tell you about a heaven or hell, the more spiritual ones will spend hours explaining the theory of reincarnation, and the more skeptical ones will simply tell you that the journey ends the moment the heart stops.

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Although the concept of 'death' differs according to religions and customs, there is one certainty: We have, rationally, no idea what happens when the time comes. Epicurus will tell you that there is no point in worrying about it, because when the Grim Reaper arrives, you are already gone, and when you are still present, he is not there.

But David Hanzel, a medium in his fifties, was able to find out what was going on in the afterlife after several weeks in a coma.

Man testifies about his near-death experience

What happens next? Will we be judged by a higher entity on our good or bad actions during our long life? Or, will we be reincarnated as our totem animal with no memory of our previous experience on Earth? To each their own, of course, but it is scientifically impossible to know what happens a few hours after the heart stops. However, some people manage to turn back and 'come back' to life after having been in the afterlife.

It's called having a 'near death experience'. This is the case of American 'psychic' David Hanzel, who decided to share what happened to him in 2015 to the Daily Star. Hospitalised due to a lung infection and severe sepsis, the man was in a coma for two months. That's when he allegedly crossed to the other side before returning like Morpheus.

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This is what he saw in the afterlife

He began his statement by saying:

I just remember closing my eyes because I was sick. And then when I opened my eyes back up, I was in this night sky.
It was the most beautiful, velvety, silky night sky. No clouds. No stars. No nothing. And there wasn't a beginning or end to it.

A dark nothingness in which his solitude did not last long. Quickly, during this journey, two 'beings' appeared to surround him and guide him towards a 'golden-white light'. Gateway to Paradise? Headlights of an Aston Martin DB9? Not at all. It was simply... A bar. A place that speaks to everyone and that included for David, many 'coloured bottles' and 'no alcohol'. Curious...

But his journey does not stop there. He goes on to say that the angels sent him floating while walking up a 'big white building'. But, as if he had not finished his adventure on Earth, he was called back to life and woke up in his hospital room with an obsession: To forgive the wrongs done to him.

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Replying to @kirstenferguson2 How does one know what the otherside is like? Answer, some get a glimpse during what is call a near death experience or NDE . I am one of the some.#neardeathexperences#neardeathexperience😮#theotherside#findyourpurpose#mediumsoftiktok

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