This woman who died for 14 minutes says she visited Heaven

This woman shared her crazy story with the world via Youtube.

Woman died for 14 minutes
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Woman died for 14 minutes

Have you been dreaming of knowing what lies beyond life? Heaven? Hell? Tartarus or the cosmic void? All your questions could be answered by the somewhat bizarre testimony of this woman who says she spent 'five years' in Heaven. If you decide to believe her of course.

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15 minutes of death led to five years in Heaven

For the curious who would like to know what happens after death, there is no need to try the impossible. We have a less dangerous solution to offer you: an astonishing testimony of a person declared clinically dead for several long minutes. This strange experience gave her a mystical vision of Heaven.

Lynda Cramer, a British paranormal, metaphysical and transcendental experience enthusiast, said on her YouTube channel that she has been in Heaven. A rather special 'near death experience'. The doctors who had rushed to save her declared that she had indeed been dead for 14 minutes.

Lynda's death

A quarter of an hour on Earth for 'five years' in paradise, that's how Lynda explains it. Once resuscitated, she said she saw a mountain range 30,000 times (that's precise) higher than Mount Everest. A kind of Olympus?

The incident happened when Lynda decided to go to the bathroom. She got up, and suddenly she found herself floating in the living room. A radical experience of self-dissociation. She said:

My ex-husband came running in and then two paramedics ran in and they went straight to where my body was in the toilet. I had no physical time here, I was floating in the living room.

Mountains and fields of flowers

Lynda then said she watched people enter the house, all while her mind floated above and her body was left there as an empty shell. She said she didn't see herself breathing and took in philosophically what she considered to be inescapable. She had no worries, just the cold realization that life was now behind her. Lynda continued:

The paramedic report says I was clinically dead for 14 minutes confirmed

Then, she explained, she saw blue orbs enter her house and circle around her with a dull hum. She said it was as if they were filled with 'pure white energy,'.

In this incredible epic, Lynda tells of finding herself standing in a huge field of flowers. She added:

I was observing the mountain range 30,000 times huger than Mount Everest... I saw lakes, I could see everything in a panoramic view. So I'm there interacting with people, talking to people, becoming them. If I wanted to turn into a duck, I could turn into a duck.

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