This woman died for 28 minutes and says she visited the afterlife: ‘Jesus is real’

Back in 2018, Tina died. When she came back to the land of the living, she had a crazy story to tell.

Woman died saw Heaven
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Woman died saw Heaven

Death is something that intrigues us all. Most of us are also scared about what happens after you take your final breath. However, some people experience the afterlife and then come back. Tina is one of those people. She died in 2018, and claims to have visited the afterlife.

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We’ve already written about the man who fell from a cliff and lived to tell the tale. Now, we’ll tell you Tina’s story, as recounted by her husband Brian. It all started when Tina collapsed in Phoenix on 12 February 2018.

Brian called 911

Brian panicked when his wife collapsed, but knew to call 911. In a recording of his call, you can hear him shouting:

Tina! Please, Honey! I think my wife is having a heart attack! She passed out!

The operator asked if she was breathing. She wasn’t. Brian explained that her eyes were rolled back and her body was turning purple from the lack of oxygen.

Jeff Logan, the couple’s neighbour, had called round for a visit and was caught up in this terrible moment. He started CPR but was stressed that he didn’t know how to perform it properly, so Brian dropped the phone and started pressing his wife’s chest. Jeff said: ‘It was – it was like a man giving every last breath that he had to try to get his wife back.’

Medics arrived

When the medics arrived, they used a defibrillator to try and restart Tina’s heart. They tried three times with no success, and decided to take her to Deer Valley Medical Center.

When she arrived at the hospital, she had been dead for 28 minutes. Her fall had left a gash on her head and a cracked sternum. To make matters worse, she had several cracked ribs from the CPR. Her friends and family lost hope. Jeff said he knew she was dead; ‘there was nothing’. Brian, meanwhile, prayed to God: ‘God, take everything from my life if you'll give me back Tina.’

Friends and family in prayer

Friends and family prayed for Tina in the waiting room. Tina's sister, Tammi, and her husband Dave were rushing to get to the hospital. Suddenly, Tammi got a feeling. Dave explained:

And she just told me that she had sudden peace, suddenly, something fell on her, peace that Tina was going to be okay. As she told me that story, I got a text on my phone. It was from Brian: 'Tina is alive!'

The doctors induced a coma, and explained to Brain that the length of time Tina had gone without oxygen would likely result in brain injuries.

Tina’s recovery

The next day, Tina’s vitals were amazingly back to normal. The doctors told Brian they would take her off the breathing tube once they were sure she could breathe alone. He whispered in his wife’s hear: ‘The doctor needs to know that you can breathe on your own. And I told them that you are superwoman. Can you show him that you can breathe on your own?’ Her chest miraculously puffed up, and the doctors removed the tube.

When she was fully conscious, Dave gave his wife a pen and paper:

And she just started making marks, and I couldn't tell what it was, and I was almost shaking. I was fixed. I just held the book steady because I didn't want it to drop.

Tina’s visit to Heaven

She wrote I-T-S-R-E-A-L, and Dave asked whether she meant the pain or the hospital or something else. She shook her head until he asked if she was talking about Heaven. She was.

The doctors said that she would take a while to get back to talking, but she was discharged on 16 February - just four days after her cardiac arrest. She had no brain injuries and explained to her husband as soon as she could that she had visited Heaven.

Tine said: ‘I just wanted to share that I saw Jesus face to face’. She described what many others have said about meeting Jesus following a near-death experience: that she felt an ‘unbelievable rest and peacefulness’. Tina explained that Jesus was standing there when she died, ‘with His arms open wide’. Behind Jesus, she saw ‘an incredible glow; it was the most vibrant and beautiful yellow’. She added: ‘God is real in my life. Jesus is real. Heaven is real.

Whether you believe Tina’s story or not, it is eerily similar to that of this woman who died for 9 minutes and claimed to have met God. Near-death experiences are spooky things, and many doctors have studied them. One such medic - who has studied 5000 reports of near-death experiences - has come to the conclusion that there is ‘certainly’ an afterlife. Do you agree?

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