This man was in a coma for 10 days, here's what he saw in the afterlife

Explore the afterlife through the eyes of Deputy Lord Lieutenant Bert Biscoe, who shares vivid details of his experience after spending 10 days in a coma...

Man coma 10 daus afterlife
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Man coma 10 daus afterlife

Deputy Lord Lieutenant and county councillor, Bert Biscoe, spent 10 days unconscious and in a controlled coma after suffering from a seizure due to a diabetic condition he didn’t know he had.

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Happy to have survived the ordeal, the Cornish native claims he experienced the ‘afterlife’and clearly remembered some details from his stay ‘on the other side in the dark’.

Here is what he revealed.

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A terrible accident

Deputy Lord Lieutenant and county councillor, Bert Biscoe, 70, from Truro, Cornwall, England didn’t know he was suffering from diabetes when he collapsed on his kitchen floor.

His wife was quick to react and called 999 immediately.

Despite chest compressions and other efforts to revive him, the man stayed unconscious and was even put in a controlled coma for the next 10 days.

After recovering from the condition, he shared his experience:

I was out of it for ten days, unconscious for a chunk of it and then put into a controlled coma. I had no idea of the passage of time or what was going on.

The Cornwall resident, who is also a well-regardedformer Mayor of Truro, joked that he ‘didn't like the accommodation’ in ‘the afterlife’ so he decided to come back.

Bert Biscoe's revelations from the depths of coma

Biscoe conveyed that even while unconscious, he distinctly remembered seeing his family next to him, ‘floating doctors’ and tubes coming out of him.

He detailed:

As I was coming out of the coma I opened my eyes and this may have been hallucinatory but I remember looking up at a mirror and seeing myself with a green tube coming out of my mouth, doctors floating around a bit ethereally and my wife and two daughters were there.

He said that when he got out of the hospital in the ‘afterlife’ and was standing waiting to cross a road, a woman came up to him among several congregations and said ‘they'd been praying’ for him.

He added:

She asked me if I'd had any hallucinations or visions to which the answer is no. It was just dark, I had the same question from research people at ICU.

Biscoe summed up his experience with a poem A la Commode where he humorously described how he stayed positive despite the ordeal and used his bedpan after coming out of the coma.

He also said that his ‘afterlife’ stay was ‘populated by an international group of people’.

The former Mayor explained:

One of the consultants was Iranian, the guy in the kitchen was from New Zealand, there were a couple of Filipino nurses who came in for a chat with me, and lots of staff from Africa; people from all over the world.
It's a huge thing for it to be provided by people from all over the world. It says something really profound and important about the society we live in these days.

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