Man who stopped breathing during a dentist appointment describes how he felt 'on the other side'

Philip Siracusa had a near-death experience 40 years ago. He claims to have felt terrified while he was 'on the other side'.

man stopped breathing laughing gas dentist near death experience Heaven story
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man stopped breathing laughing gas dentist near death experience Heaven story

The topic of death has been fascinating humans for as long as we can remember. Whether we are worried about what comes next, or whether there really is an 'afterlife', others worry about what happens before we pass away. A man went through a near-death experience which had a massive impact on his life. Philip has decided to share his story and how it has changed his perspective on life after death.

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Philip Siracusa had an NDE

Speaking to The Other Side NDE podcast, Philip Siracusa explained his own near-death experience, as well as what he felt 'on the other side'. In 1981, when he was only fourteen, Philip was given nitrous oxide, also known as 'laughing gas' while he was at the dentist's. Only thirty seconds later, he felt himself 'starting to float over his body', he could see the whole scene from the ceiling, and he was yelling for the people in the room to hear him.

Philip then started to go up into the sky and into a 'portal' which was made of pure energy.

When I was pulled in there, it was dark, very dark in there, and huge, and I was going very very fast. I couldn't even explain the amount of speed that my spirit energy was being pulled through.

He claims he felt terrified while 'on the other side'

At first, Philip felt in perfect bliss while he discovered the 'golden gates' of Heaven and the soothing melodies in the sky.

It's as if my soul had taken back its true essence of form, and went back home.

Where he calls 'Heaven', Philip felt at home and did not have one negative thought. He then saw two elderly people on a bench, which he later recognized as his deceased grandparents. His grandmother, who passed away a few months earlier, told him he had to go back, and he was pushed back into a sort of tunnel once again.

People ask me 'What is the most horrifying thing about a near-death experience?' In one sense, it's being nothing and nowhere in the Tunnel. At one point, I felt like I was never going to be found, alone, afraid.

He was then again pushed back into his body, 'as if I fit into a glove'. Now 54, Philip wants to help grieving families and assure them they will see their loved-ones again, but until then we should not worry, as 'the other side' is nothing but bliss and unconditional love.

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