This man is so obsessed with death that he got buried alive: ‘I wished I could stay there longer’

Victor Amela, a Spanish author and journalist, decided to get buried alive on his 62nd birthday.

Death buried alive
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Death buried alive

Most people would consider being buried alive a nightmare or a horrible way to die. However, author and journalist Victor Amela decided to do it.

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The reasons behind the man’s choice are both very sensible and senseless. His desire to be buried alive is based on an actual fear of death that comes from an experience he had in his teenage years.

Conquering fears is often something we aim to do as we grow older but Amela not only conquered his fear of death, he gave himself a rebirth.

Victor Amela’s prophecy

So why would a person be willingly buried alive? Well, we don’t know about everyone but we can say why Victor Amela did it.

The author explains that he got interested in his own death when he was 15. Because of this interest he decided, during a party, to ask a Ouija Board at what age he was going to die. The answer was clear: 65.

About this experience Amela says:

I regretted it later, don’t do it at home. The glass marked 65. For a 15-year-old boy, 65 years feels like immortality, it is very far away.

However as his life moved on, Amela was reminded of this prophecy.

When I was 55 and interviewing filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, the memory of the Ouija board came back to me and I told him about it
He said ‘Victor, you are going to die at 65 because your unconscious is going to try to fulfil that mandate’.

That’s when Victor Amela made a very serious decision.

A very special 62nd birthday

Fearing that the Ouija Board prophecy was going to come true, Victor Amela chose to stage his own funeral to mark his 62nd birthday.

To prepare for his own funeral, Amela dug his own grave on the farm where he grew up. He then invited his friends and close ones to the funeral during which he was actually buried for an hour.

It is reported that Amela planned a real funeral with a priest leading the service and friends writing eulogies. Talking about his experience from inside the coffin he said:

My friends spoiled me. It was wonderful and I enjoyed it immensely.

He then was laid to rest within the ground. He explains:

When they covered me and I was left in the dark, I could hear the shovelfuls of dirt landing on the coffin. For a second, I was gripped by panic. But it came and went away. I then started to relax and enjoy it.
I wished I could stay there longer.

After being buried alive for an hour, Amela explains that he experienced a ‘rebirth’ saying:

Afterwards, I was born again. I wanted to continue living for another 40 years.

Reflecting on the experience, Amela says that going through it put an end to his fear of dying at 65. He also believes that it allowed him to ‘strengthen the bonds of friendship with people who love me and who I love.’

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