This dying man confessed to a life of crime and helped police solve cold cases on his deathbed

This man decided to go out on a good deed after a life of lawlessness and violence.

dying man’s hospital bed confession
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dying man’s hospital bed confession

We’ve all heard of deathbed confessions, but this story really takes the biscuit. A nurse has revealed that one man under her and her colleagues’ care confessed to murder while dying. And not just the one time; the man had worked as a pay-to-kill member of a gang.

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This all came to light online after one user asked the ‘nurses of Reddit’ for the ‘most haunting’ things that people have said on their deathbeds. We've already heard about the parents who heartbreakingly asked this online community for help after they decided to give their own baby up for adoption. Now here’s everything you need to know about this wild deathbed story.

Deathbed confession

We have heard of murderers who got away with their crimes for decades, but this is the first time we’ve heard of a dying man confessing to a career of killing. However, in response to the Reddit user’s question, that’s exactly what a nurse described. She said: ‘We had an ex-gang guy who was dying of cancer and he confessed that he was the gang hit-man for many years.’

The nurse went on: ‘He wanted to confess to all the killings and show the police where the bodies are buried. He would get closure knowing that the surviving families of his victims find out where they were buried. We had to get the hospital legal team involved because we had no policies to deal with that. Cops got involved and the dude confessed to gang murders from decades ago.’

Many questions followed

Users wanted to know what had come of this last-minute confession. It turns out that the man really was dying - after helping the police, he passed away at a hospice one week later. One user asked whether they actually ‘arrest the guy and bring him in or just let him stay in the hospital? Is there suddenly a cop stationed outside his room?’

Police let the man die in peace, but they took his statement and the nurse kept hoping something would come from it. However, nothing popped up in the news. She added: ‘We also didn’t want to ask too many questions because of the gang connections and stuff.’

A few users questioned the dying man’s choice, with one pointing out that he would never have revealed the information if he knew he would have to face justice afterwards. Another suggested that this was the perfect way for the killer to cover for his cronies. If he confessed, the police would perhaps never think to look further into it:

Just claim a few of their hits and chances they'll just close the case after your confession.

However, it seems the man was utterly serious. The nurse explained that, when he first confessed, the hospital was in chaos as no one knew what the rules were in a situation like this.

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