World’s oldest man, Venezuelan Juan Vicente Perez Mora, dies aged 114

Juan Vicente Perez Mora passed away just two months before his 115th birthday.

Oldest man dies
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Oldest man dies

Juan Vicente Perez Mora died on 2 April in his home country of Venezuela. Juan had held the title of ‘World’s oldest man’ for two years, and had lived through some of the most memorable moments of the last century. The Guinness Book of World Records recognised his lengthy life in 2022, and people who discovered his story were shocked by just how much he remembered of his life.

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Now, the Venezuelan has passed away, leaving behind a massive family of 11 children, 41 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren. The governor of his home state of Tachira, Freddy Bernal, confirmed his death on X. Here’s everything you need to know.

Juan’s death

Juan was born in 1909 and lived through two world wars, the invention of the TV and the internet, and the coronavirus pandemic. His nickname, Tio Juan, translates to Uncle Juan and shows just how friendly he was with those around him. Bernal posted:

Our dear Juan Vicente Perez Mora, today with deep sadness and pain we say goodbye to you, to that archetype of a man from Tachira, humble, hard-working, peaceful, enthusiastic about family and tradition.

The governor added that he and his wife had ‘had the pleasure and the pride of meeting’ Juan and ‘sharing with his loved ones’. He said that Juan will be remembered for his 'optimism in life, for faith, hope and that deep love for our state of Tachira'.

Indeed, the Guinness Book of World Records team was impressed to discover that Juan knew the names of his siblings, children, and grandchildren. They wrote that ‘Juan Vicente has exceptional health and memory’ and noted that he also recalled his childhood and marriage of 60 years to his wife Ediofina del Rosario García. She sadly passed away in 1997.

Juan’s secret to a long life

Juan started working at only five years old. He helped his father and brothers in agriculture work, including the harvesting of sugar cane and coffee. He later became a sheriff, helping to resolve land and family disputes. Once he became known for his advanced age, he cheekily shared that his secret involved a regular routine: a daily glass of Spanish alcohol known as aguardiente. He lived through the invention of the mobile phone and his first ID photograph was taken when he was 51 years old.

Juan’s death made us wonder: who is the oldest person in the world? It turns out that it’s a woman called Maria Branyas. Born in San Francisco, Maria is now a whopping 117 years old. The next oldest man alive is expected to be Gisaburo Sonobe of Japan, pending confirmation from the 112-year-old's family.

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