A pandemic more deadly than Covid will hit 2024, German psychic claims

A second pandemic is set to hit and it is because of our current behaviour, according to Michael Schneider.

Second pandemic 2024
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Second pandemic 2024

The coronavirus pandemic is something that we will remember for the rest of our lives, and something that will be taught in history books to come. The virus ground countries all over the world to a halt and, though it is easy to believe it has disappeared, Covid-19 is still affecting many people to this day.

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While we have had recent pneumonia and swine flu scares, there hasn’t been as much talk about a second pandemic. However, a German psychic has said that we are due a second and even deadlier health crisis this year. Here’s everything you need to know.

A second pandemic in 2024

Missing people stories are always difficult to hear, and some - like Madeleine McCann’s - last for years and years. Michael Schneider is a German psychic who once stated that Maddie’s body was just 6 miles from where she vanished in Praia da Luz, portugal. Although Madeleine is yet to be found, Schneider did successfully help authorities locate a missing woman, discovered hanging from a tree, and the bodies of Peter and Laura Perselli, a couple who had been murdered.

Indeed, he claims to have used his powers to help solve at least 25 missing persons cases. He started volunteering to aid investigations back in 2006, and says he also foresaw the 2008 stock market crash - not to mention Germany’s elimination at the group stages of the 2018 World Cup.

Now, he’s turned his attention to health scares. He says that a second pandemic ‘that will eclipse’ Covid is set to hit later this year. He shared his prophecies for the upcoming 12 months with the Daily Star, as well as the CIA, FBI and BND (German intelligence). He says the health crisis will strike in Autumn and will ‘claim many more lives across the world (including and especially in the Western world) than in the last four years combined’.

The reason for the pandemic

Do you believe in karma? Well, it seems Schneider does: he believes that humanity is being punished for the way humans have behaved on Earth. He said:

This is also because humanity (there are always many positive exceptions to the rule and they always suffer from bad people) has not reflected on Corona and developed for the better, quite the opposite.

Schneider is an animal-lover and has called into question the way in which humans tend to treat animals. He said that ‘factory farming, animal testing, hunting, fishing’ all play into this karmic equation, and states that ‘humanity can only pray that no animal sits in the judgement of the world’.

He believes that ‘you get what you give’ and we, as humans, are in for a very bumpy ride after the fun of summer is over.

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