‘Living Nostradamus’ makes new WW3 prediction: This is where he says the conflict will start

‘Living Nostradamus’ Athos Salome sees some chilling things in store for 2024.

‘Living Nostradamus’ Athos Salome makes new WW3 prediction, and it is terrifying
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‘Living Nostradamus’ Athos Salome makes new WW3 prediction, and it is terrifying

Though we have started off 2024 with some very intense wind and rain, many remain positive about the future. However, ‘living Nostradamus’ Athos Salome - the same man who claims to have predicted the pandemic - will soon put a stop to such a rosy outlook.

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The Brazilian seer has already stated that we’ll be able to contact the dead using AI within the next 12 months, but he has now come out with a fresh new prediction that involves a world war. Here’s what he says about WW3 and where it will start, as well as his other predictions for the year ahead.

Salome’s terrifying prediction for WW3

Speaking to TheSun, Salome stated that he sees WW3 as an ‘urgent reality’. However, he claims that the conflict won’t start in Europe. He points to an incident in the South China Sea or a cyber attack as a potential trigger. He added that there would, of course, be further knock-on effects from this catastrophe. According to him, the resulting fighting ‘could have a profound impact leading to recessions in several major economies’.

This was not the only prediction that Salome made for this coming year, but before we get into the rest of them, let’s take a look at a creepy coincidence. Salome claims to be the ‘living Nostradamus’ as the original Nostradamus was a man who lived in the 1500s and made eerily accurate predictions about the future.

One major event that he foresaw - the earthquake in Japan - spookily came true on the first day of 2024. The original seer reportedly predicted a ‘cataclysmic earthquake prompting a tsunami that will devastate homes and kill hundreds of people’. The 7.6 magnitude earthquake that has hit the country could certainly be what he envisaged, however it is yet to be seen if the catastrophe will trigger a tsunami in the area.

Salome’s 2024 predictions

Now back to Salome. He has a distrust of technological advances, and says that AI ‘could lead machines and us down a very perilous path’. However, he has also made some more concrete predictions, stating that an asteroid will collide with the planet this year. We know what you’re thinking: this sounds like bad news.

Well, Salome reckons not entirely; the rock will apparently be ‘abundant with rich materials’ and therefore help Earth more than it hurts it. And there’s more: the ‘living Nostradamus’ reckons that this discovery will lead to the next space race as competitors rush to find more of these precious materials.

Now all that’s left to do is wait and see if Salome’s predictions turn out to come true, like this recent event that Baba Vanga foresaw many years ago.

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