An Irish Almanac has been predicting our future for 259 years, find out what it got right in 2023

This Irish magazine claims to predict the future. Here are the most important predictions that came true in 2023...and some that are yet to happen!

The Old Moore’s Almanac accurately predicted many events in 2023, here's what it got right
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The Old Moore’s Almanac accurately predicted many events in 2023, here's what it got right

Have you ever heard of the Old Moore’s Almanac? If you have heard of Nostradamus and his strangely accurate predictions, then think of this as something similar.

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However, the difference with this Almanac is that it comes in the form of a magazine and is produced every year. According to its website, the Old Moore’s Almanac ‘remains the highest-selling native Irish magazine in the market’.

Maybe this isn’t such a big surprise - who wouldn’t want to know what the future has in store for us? After all, the Almanac has been running for 259 years. The big question is, can we trust the picture that this publication paints of the years to come? Well, the best way to check is to dig through the magazine’s past predictions and see what it got right.

Putin’s health prediction

Putin’s war against Ukraine is in the headlines every day, as concerns rise over Russia’s readiness to use nuclear weaponsand people continue to speculate about whether Prigozhin is truly dead or not.

Last year, the Almanac ‘foresaw that the despot’s failing health would take centre stage’, according to The Irish Sun. This year, we’ve seen multiple reports that the Russian President’s health is shaky, as well as allegations that he is using a body double to cover it up. Though these reports have never been confirmed, Putin's health has certainly been a rich source of debate this year.

Artificial Intelligence prediction

Another prediction that ended up coming true involves the one and only Artificial Intelligence. Have you seen the photo of the Pope in a puffer jacket? So have we, but that never happened.

What a strange world we live in. And it’s one this Irish magazine predicted, saying ‘2023 is the year of AI, watch as jobs go to the bots’. This one wasn’t perhaps so hard to see coming, but we’re still impressed. Let’s see whether its prediction for a world-wide internet outage will come true as well. There are still a few months left of 2023.

Ohio Train Crash prediction

In the Almanac that detailed 2023’s events, a train incident was predicted to make the news. Earlier this year, a train in Ohio derailed. It was carrying dangerous chemicals, the burning of which sent plumes of chemical smoke up into the sky as locals complained of headaches, burning eyes and sore throats while dead fish were spotted in nearby creeks.

It has since been confirmed that the air is safe, but locals are being advised to drink bottled water just in case, and the contaminated soil is being removed. Many doubt that officials are telling residents the whole truth about the accident.

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Alien predictions

The Almanac predicted aliens would also be in the news. Right enough, the United States shot down two unidentified flying objects (which is what UFO stands for, in case you didn’t know). Both happened in February 2023, the first in Alaska, and the second by Lake Huron.

Of course, any time there are UFOs, they come accompanied by alien conspiracy theories. This time, there was a sort of double-conspiracy going on as people suspected the government was peddling alien stories to distract the public from just how bad the Ohio train crash really was.

So, are you convinced? There were also predictions about Donald Trump’s health weakening and Harry and Meghan facing difficulties in their marriage and finances. Neither of these seem too far-fetched… We’ll just have to wait and see!

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