This ‘Living Nostradamus’ solar eclipse prediction came true

Talking exclusively to Daily Star, Athos Salomé, also known as the ‘Living Nostradamus’, revealed what 2024 has in store for us. And now his first prediction has come true...

‘Living Nostradamus’ predictions
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‘Living Nostradamus’ predictions

Many of us are curious about what the future holds. And, as we aren’t ourselves mediums or in touch with a higher power, we rely on people like Athos Salomé to tell us. Of course, if his predictions were incredibly positive, they wouldn’t be worth reporting (clickbait, sorry…) but thankfully Salomé has some terrifying news.

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By now we are used to predictions being negative and scary. For instance, the seer Baba Vanga is famous for them. Indeed, she predicted a world hunger crisis between 2025 and 2028 as well as the end of the world for 5079.

The first of Athos Salomé's predictions has already come true. Let's take a look at what he foresaw, and another of his predictions for this year.

Solar eclipse

When talking to the Daily Star, Salomé predicted that we would witness 'three days of darkness' this year. He stated that this would happen in April after a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun. A CME is an ejection of magnetic field and plasma mass from the sun, and though they happen every few days, they are often not detectable from Earth.

Amazingly, this actually did happen - a little earlier than he predicted, on 22 March. It is thought to have been the largest solar storm in years, and the effects reached Earth a few days later. Now that he's got one right, let's take a look at what else Salomé foresaw for the upcoming year.

Athos Salomé’s predictions for 2024

In his predictions made for Daily Star, Athos Salomé - who is branded the ‘Living Nostradamus’ - talked of a ‘Big Brother state’. In that state Athos Salomé warns that people should stay ‘vigilant’ of Artificial Intelligence.

According to him, this will lead to an unnatural and dangerous rise in the power of CCTV. He explained to Daily Star:

The matrix of modern surveillance symbolises the expanding web of monitoring and control that pervades our world.
We are rapidly approaching a reality where privacy becomes a notion granting governments and corporations unparalleled access to individuals personal information.

If we were to believe what Athos Salomé says, this would mean the end of privacy for citizens.

No hypothetical predictions

While speaking to Daily Star, Salomé stressed the idea that his predictions aren’t just him relying on the stars and visions. He said:

I understand that predictions can sometimes feel like something imagined by a mind that goes through moments of emptiness and fullness. This isn't guesswork.

The ‘living Nostradamus’ puts forward the reported fact that ‘Russia is set to install five million CCTV cameras across the country’. However, that isn’t all. This widening of surveillance systems in Russia could be a way for the government to monitor its citizens through a ‘centralised’ surveillance system.

Salomé added that he made these predictions

based on the likelihood of certain events happening again.

Finally, while these predictions are ‘initially for 2024’ there is a possibility that they ‘may come true in years’ to come.

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