Vladimir Putin: Expert reveals the Russian President could live forever thanks to this sneaky trick

Rumours about Putin’s death have been ongoing for several weeks. Now an expert says that instead of dying, Putin could potentially live forever. We explain.

Vladimir Putin AI live forever
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Vladimir Putin AI live forever

Vladimir Putin’s life is somehow a topic of fascination. For the past few weeks, rumours about his health and his death have been circulating, mostly fed by a Telegram channel, General SVR.

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Of course those death rumours were shut down by the Kremlin but it wasn’t enough to stop people from wanting to know about Putin’s health. However, now, his death is no longer the topic brought forward. Instead it is the opposite. An expert believes that Putin could try and live forever… ‘How?’, you may ask. Well it’s simple. Putin would use a very sneaky trick that could belong in a Hollywood sci-fi film!

Vladimir Putin at an AI convention

On Friday 24 November, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended an AI conference in Moscow. AI is currently a core topic for politicians all around the world. On 1 and 2 November, the UK and Rishi Sunak held the ‘first global conference devoted to the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI).

Even though AI is not currently an area in which Russia excels - that role belongs to the US and China - Putin wants his country to catch up. Reuters reports that at the conference Putin said that, while AI can pose risks, it is not a good idea to ban it.

You cannot ban something - if we ban it then it will develop somewhere else and we will fall behind,

He added,

In the very near future, as one of the first steps, a presidential decree will be signed and a new version of the national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence will be approved

Putin’s hidden motive for the expansion of AI

The fact that Putin is turning his interest towards AI is logical but it could still be motivated by something other than Russia’s technological glory.

The first motive is evident: Putin wants to be at the top with the US and China. During the conference which he attended he deplored that some AI systems do not know about Russia - its culture and its language.

On that Reuters reports his words:

the monopoly and domination of such systems, such alien systems is unacceptable and dangerous

There could also be another motive behind Putin’s interest in the development of AI. This time a more personal and twisted one. Knewz reports that ‘some people’ believe that AI could be Putin’s way to stay in ‘power, even if he dies’.

Knewz also quotes Express which spoke to Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET (software company). According to Moore there is a real possibility that AI, specifically deepfake, could be used by world leaders as a way to continue ruling from the afterlife.

It is 100 percent possible that you could keep someone living within a deep fake for as long as they wish to push these videos out.
They are increasing with this advancement in the technology so you argue that he should look older now, but you can just age them within the algorithm to carry on as you would expect them to look.

Ending on,

People are going to fall for it because I don’t think enough people are aware that his deepfake technology exists and how good it is.

Deepfake has already been used in November against London Mayor Sadiq Khan. A video of him was made in which what appeared to be the Mayor said that Armistice Day had to be postponed due to a pro-Palestinian protest.

What is deepfake?

According to Merriam-Wesbster, a deepfake is:

an image or recording that has been convincingly altered and manipulated to misrepresent someone as doing or saying something that was not actually done or said

Because of how convincing these images are, there are a real threat to politicians and reporters. Indeed, it takes a careful eye to distinguish between real footage and one that is altered.

In England and in Wales, sharing intimate images that were created with deepfake technology ‘is to be criminalised’, reported The Guardian in June 2023. The maximum punishment will be two years in prison and people who share those images could be placed on the sex offender register.

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