Vladimir Putin: The Russian President's daughter earns millions through this lucrative operation

Vladimir Putin's daughter makes an outrageous amount of money, here's where her income comes from.

Vladimir Putin daughter fortune
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Vladimir Putin daughter fortune

A few days ago, Maria Vorontsova gave a very rare interview that will certainly be talked about for a long time to come. In it, she madestrange and unrealistic statements about Russia. The response from her opponents was not long in coming. Maria Vorontsova, known for being President Vladimir Putin's eldest daughter usually keeps things very private, however an investigative report claims to have uncovered her yearly income.

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The Navalny group published her merits

Little is known about Maria Vorontsova. She is reportedly a doctor and works as an endocrinologist. However, figures about her earnings published by the Navalny group on YouTube hardly match up. While doctors in Russia normally earn the equivalent of 200-300 euros a month, Vorontsova allegedly earns around 2000 euros a month.

As it is suspected that Putin's daughters could be hiding his assets, several countries have already imposed sanctions on them in 2022. This is even though it has never been officially confirmed that they are his children.

She earns millions with a company

Since 2019, she has been on the board of the medical company 'Nomeco', which she co-founded. The business flourished shortly after it was founded. In recent years, she allegedly received almost 10 million euros in dividends.

Most of the company's money is said to come from a single contract, from a clinic where close associates of Putin are to be treated, as well as those involved in the Wagner Group. Since 2022, this clinic has reportedly been run by a manager of the company.

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