Vladimir Putin: Russian president has got a new closest ally, here is all we know on Marat Khusnullin

Marat Khusnullin is a man who stays in the background, letting Vladimir Putin shine. But who is the man Putin can always rely on?

Vladimir Putin ally Marat Khusnullin
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Vladimir Putin ally Marat Khusnullin

There are few people who know Vladimir Putin well and are always by his side. Some former allies, like Gennady Zhidko, have fallen out of favor.

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One of the confidants is Marat Khusnullin, a Russian-Tatar politician. Formerly deputy mayor of Moscow, he is now Russia's deputy prime minister for construction and regional development and is in charge of rebuilding the annexed Ukrainian territories.

Thus he became one of Putin's confidants

Khusnullin is a doer who does not like to be the center of attention. He moves in the shadow of his superiors and puts their successes in the foreground. This was also the case at the inauguration of the Vostok expressway, whose opening ceremony was attended by the Russian president. Marat Khusnullin emphasized that none of this would have been possible without Putin.

His values are 'practical leadership' and 'submission', insiders let us know. Two decades ago, the two crossed paths in Kazan. He must have made an impression on the Russian president because, as deputy mayor of Moscow, he was involved in organizing the Olympic Games as well as the World Cup.

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A lot is planned for the upcoming election

Vladimir Putin is expected to announce soon that he will stand for election again. Khusnullin is also expected to play an important role here. The election is to become a Putin parade, celebrating the successes of the number one, as he is known internally, as president. To this end, the focus in some places is to be on infrastructure, Khusnullin's area of expertise.

He announced initial plans to build a network of roads between regions and to renovate housing throughout Russia in 2020, when he started his new job. Soon Khusnullin will be able to present the results.

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