Vladimir Putin’s former speechwriter reveals baffling truth about Russian President

Abbas Gallyamov worked for the Russian President for a total of three years and has revealed stunning information about his former boss.

Vladimir Putin’s former employee reveals baffling truth
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Vladimir Putin’s former employee reveals baffling truth

Gallyamov worked as part of Putin’s speechwriting team and attended dozens of meetings with the current Russian President. Having witnessed how he acted in public and private, he described him in an article for Newsweek as ‘rational, patient and logical’.

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Now living in Israel and working as a political consultant, Gallyamov has said he cannot understand how his former boss could be the same man that has launched a full-blown war against Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin described as ‘warm and friendly’

Gallyamov says he remembers Putin as ‘warm and friendly’. In the article, he details a certain meeting held in 2010 where Putin displayed compassion and respect. Once the journalists left and the meeting became private, Putin told the attending governors:

Now there are no strangers here, so please put aside all the official reports about successes and achievements of your economies and just describe in plain words which difficulties you have, so that then we together think what we can do about them.

The first governor invited to speak was so shocked by Putin’s approach that he was unable to utter a word. Gallyamov details how others in the meeting began to laugh and Putin shushed them, and listened patiently as the man found his words.

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How Putin became the brutal leader he is today

Gallyamov explains that:

Had somebody told me in those days that the time would come when Putin would be literally destroying the country he is ruling—and that's exactly what is happening now—I would have never believed it.

The Russian President is suspected of having committed terrible acts as he leads Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He is suspected of having killed off Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, who was once a close ally.

His former employee says he believes he never saw Putin in a situation where he needed to defend himself, and that is the major difference:

It's totally different when somebody challenges him. In a situation like this, he changes completely, and I just never witnessed it.

Furthermore, ‘Putin's chief trait is probably his outstanding hypocrisy’. Gallyamov likens Putin’s thought process to that of Adolf Hitler. Few understood that Hitler could tell such outrageous lies, because they would never do the same themselves. So, they believed it must be the truth.

The same goes for Vladimir Putin, who has convinced those around him that Ukraine is rightfully Russia’s for the taking.

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