Vladimir Putin: Drone footage reveals details about Putin’s secret luxury home near Finland

Yet another of Putin’s lavish homes has been discovered.

Vladimir Putin’s secret luxury home
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Vladimir Putin’s secret luxury home

Russian President Putin is known the world over for his brutal leadership of Russia. However, much like his pal Kim Jong-un, he also has a taste for the more expensive things in life. Footage taken by a drone has exposed details about another of his secret abodes, and the extent of the luxury is hard to grasp.

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The location of this property is also surprising, given recent events. Here’s everything you need to know about the estate and all that it contains.

Where is Putin’s secret luxury home?

Putin’s sprawling estate is less than 20 miles from Russia’s border with Finland. This is significant, given that Putin threatened ‘counter measures’ against the country after it joined NATO in April last year. Putin’s supporters often threaten various European countries with invasion, but it is rare that the statements come from the Russian President himself.

The estate houses three properties with deceptively pastoral names: The Barn, The Fisherman’s Hut and The Garden House. These buildings are spread out over a vast 1,000-acre area. In case that number does nothing for you, this is roughly double the size of Monaco. Putin began construction on the site over 10 years ago.

What’s inside Putin’s estate?

The property is reportedly kitted out with £3,500 shower heads and bidets coming in at around £8,000 apiece. Leaked details also claim that the floor is made from Fior di Bosco Italian marble, and is worth a whopping £85,000.

The land itself includes a waterfall that was reportedly absorbed by the estate from the pre-existing Ladoga Skerries National Park, as well as a trout farm and a herd of cows for ‘marbled beef production’. There are also, of course, two helipads. More surprisingly, the grounds house a whole, functioning brewery. Nearly £300,000 worth of Austrian brewing equipment allows for a daily production of 82 pints of beer a day. To balance this out, there’s also a second-floor tea room with a view of Lake Ladoga.

Is Putin often there?

Putin is said to travel to this estate once a year, according to local reports. A reporter for Dossier Centre, the investigative organisation that carried out the operation, said ‘there is no doubt the president relaxes here’. That’s not to say that anyone else can relax during his stays:

During his visits, the local security is replaced by FSO [Federal Guard Service] employees, entrances are blocked off, and neighbouring islands are sealed off.

The estate, according to the Dossier Centre, was paid for by Kremlin-friendly oligarchs.

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