Vladimir Putin’s 'secret' girlfriend seemingly defends having affair with a married man in resurfaced video

Alina Kabaeva once gave a rare interview where she revealed she had met her 'ideal man'. And it is believed she was referring to Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin’s 'secret' girlfriend seemingly defends having an affair with a married man
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Vladimir Putin’s 'secret' girlfriend seemingly defends having an affair with a married man

In a resurfaced video from 2008, Vladimir Putin’s 'secret' girlfriend seemingly alludes to her extra-marital romance with the Russian President.

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Kabaeva 'so happy I am scared'

While former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva and Putin have never directly commented on the nature of their relationship, back in 2008, Kabaeva did reveal she had met someone but did not disclose who. It was also in 2008 that a Moscow-based newspaper first reported their alleged romance, sparking the rumours that have persisted until now.

A video from that year shows Kabeava, who was 24-years-old at the time, taking questions from young Russians during an audience-led interview. A young boy asked her:

Have you met your ideal man?

Kabaeva responded 'I have met him' before adding she was 'so happy'. Another girl asked her:

You said you had a boyfriend? Why aren’t you in a rush to marry him, are you afraid of happiness? Who is he?

At the time, Putin was still married to his first wife, Lyudmila Ocheretnaya. It wasn't until six years later that they finally divorced.

Kabaeva replied to the girl:

As for being scared of happiness, sometimes I am so happy I am scared to be that happy. Of course there are some concerns…

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It's not clear what 'concerns' she's referring to. That being happy may mean that one day she may lose that happiness? That being in a relationship with a man like Putin could be dangerous? That he was still married? All these questions will likely remain unanswered...

In terms of the identity of her mystery man, Kabaeva kept it vague, answering:

A man, a very good man, a great man. I love him very much.

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Kabaeva seemingly defends affair with married man

In the video, Kabaeva was also asked if she would ever 'take a husband away from a family'. She initially responded 'I think not', however, she then continued:

Let me comment. Life is complicated and speaking about a married man, if there are issues in a family, and a man is already looking at another woman and is already talking to her then the problem in the family has already happened. In that case, there can be no good in that family.

Finally, when asked what the last gift she gave her boyfriend was, Kabaeva said:

An Alaska coat, a coat with fur, very beautiful.

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