Vladimir Putin allegedly has a secret plot to escape to Iran

It is alleged that Vladimir Putin’s recent trip to Iran was to organise a secret plot to escape to the country.

Vladimir Putin’s former speechwriter has claimed that the Russian President’s recent trip to Iran may have been to organise a hideout in the country in case he is forced to escape Russia.

Who is Abbas Gallyamov?

Dr Abbas Gallyamov, 50, led Putin’s speechwriting team when he was Prime Minister between 2008 and 2010 and was nicknamed the 'Kremlin speechwriter.' He is now an independent political consultant living in Israel.

According to Metrohe has suggested that the real reason Putin visited Iran was to secure an asylum deal for himself, his family, and close circle if the war, and economic misery in Russia, leads to a revolution.

Iran is a 'refuge for him to evacuate to'

Dr. Gallyamov said in a post on Facebook:

Thinking about why Putin went to Iran, keep in mind that this country is today, perhaps the best refuge to which he can evacuate in case Russia gets really hot. The Russian president is certainly a careful man and cannot help but think about a spare airfield.
Iran has every chance of being something for the Russian ruling class like Argentina for the Nazis or Rostov for the Yanukovych gang. It is true that Ayatolls may demand to accept Islam, but can this be a problem for real Russian patriots? What they care about is not democracy and not human rights.

Russians 'are obviously at a loss'

It comes as Dr Gallyamov said in an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Libertyon Friday 22 July that Russians 'are obviously at a loss' in the Ukraine war:

They don't know what to do, so they are improvising. Putin needs to achieve something that will convince Russians that he won and he can't get it.

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