Petty revenge: Vladimir Putin left humiliated after Turkish leader makes him wait a full minute

Vladimir Putin is known for a number of reasons, especially his way of interacting with other world leaders. He finally has a taste of his own medicine.

It isn’t uncommon for Vladimir Putin to leave fellow world leaders waiting for him—sometimes for hours—when they are supposed to meet. It would seem others have had enough and gave him a taste of his medicine in the Russian President’s latest meeting.

Left looking awkward

The Russian President was left looking awkward as he stood waiting for the Turkish leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to arrive. In the viral video, Putin stands on his own in front of cameras, shifting his feet and he also seems to be chewing his lips or cheeks. For the usual confident-looking leader, Putin seems unsure of himself.

As reported by The Guardian, Putin was left waiting for roughly a minute before Erdoğan entered the room, where he greeted the Russian President with a smile and a handshake.

Revenge for the Turkish leader

It would seem that Erdoğan was seeking revenge when he made Putin wait. Indeed as per The Guardian, Vladimir Putin had left Erdoğan waiting back in 2020, as the pair met in Moscow, for 2 minutes—seems like a scene out of Mean Girls.

OdaTV, a Turkish media had written the headline ‘Mr Erdoğan won the rematch’ reports The Independent.

Joyce Karam, senior correspondent at Middle Eastern media organisation National News, said in a Twitter post:

It’s also a sweet payback for Erdogan who in 2020 was humiliated by Putin as he made him wait 2 minutes in a power game play in Russia.
2022 in Iran, many tables have turned.

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