Vladimir Putin recruits prisoners as soldiers to fight in the war against Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is being forced to recruit Russian prisoners as soldiers due to the shortage of manpower amidst the Russian-Ukrainian war.

It seems that the Russian troops are understaffed. To make up for the scarcity of manpower, the Kremlin has come up with this astonishing solution: to recruit prisoners as soldiers to fight in the war. Among the prisoners incarcerated in Russia, there are some of the most dangerous criminals in the country. In turn, they are entitled to a reduced sentence.

Putin recruits soldiers from prisons

Vladimir Putin's army seems to be falling behind in the war between Ukraine and Russia. However, the Kremlin has found the solution to this problem as they have decided to recruit convicted prison criminals to serve as soldiers in the ongoing war, as per DailyMail.

Putin, in collaboration with the mercenary group called Wagner, is recruiting the most dangerous criminals in Russia directly from prison. In addition, the authorities train the prisoners for two weeks and then fly them to the front lines of the war. In return, they are promised a reduced or lenient sentence.

Prisoners would be as 'cannon fodder'

According to The Mirror, the government is offering the inmates a sum of £3000 in cash in addition to a lenient sentence if they somehow manage to return back alive. The government is actively recruiting participants from the jails of St Petersburg.

The prisoners are instructed to take down ‘Nazis’ from Ukraine while being positioned on the frontline. The whole layout of prisoners positioned as frontline men heavily implies that they are being used as ‘canon fodder’ as per The Mirror.

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