Russian soldier turns on Vladimir Putin: 'He must be removed'

Recently, the terrible conditions within the Russian army have come to light, and according to soldiers, these conditions are 'inhumane'.

Russia soldiers Vladimir Putin war Ukraine
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Russia soldiers Vladimir Putin war Ukraine

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is claiming many victims, and soldiers are also suffering under 'inhumane' conditions within the Russian army, as explains. Two Russian soldiers told the Kyiv Post newspaper about their experiences.

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Soldiers' experiences

Sergei, as one of the soldiers changed his name for security reasons, explains that he was told that it was 'better to die and take Ukrainians to their deaths than to fall into the hands of the enemy alive' when it came to a possible capture. Russian soldiers were then told to 'carry a grenade with them'.

The conditions within the army were tough for the two soldiers. Most of the time they were ordered around and 'thrown out into the forest' to dig for hours without any tools.

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'Putin is like a king'

According to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper, the soldier describes Putin like a king. He has everything:

Putin has everything - the National Guard, the militias and the military. He's like a king, you can't call him anything else. [...] He has to be removed, but how do you do that?

The two Russian soldiers who opened up to Kyiv Post continued to complain about the Russian military and Vladimir Putin. The prisoner of war Sergei described 'ruthless treatment' of the soldiers. Some of the ex-prisoners had to get their own warm clothes or utensils for digging when they went straight from the prison to the front.

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Convicted murderer fears for his life

As a convicted murderer, Sergei had only signed up to fight so that he could 'return to his children more quickly'. But now he fears for his life and tells the magazine: 'They will shoot me', because Sergei disobeyed orders and did not blow himself up with a grenade.

Sergei thinks the war against Ukraine is 'stupid', but he wouldn't stand a chance against Putin and the Kremlin on his own.

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This article has been translated from Gentside DE.

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