Vladimir Putin: Russian lawyer claims his 'psychological condition is not good'

Mark Feygin, the exiled Russian human-rights lawyer and Kremlin critic says Russian President Vladimir Putin has lost control of the Ukraine War and of his future.

Mark Feygin
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Mark Feygin

According to Mark Feygin, the prominent lawyer and former Russian parliamentarian, Vladimir Putin finds himself in a 'military quagmire in Ukraine with no way out',Newsweekreports.

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Rudderless Future

Mark Feygin, was a former member of the State Duma, the lower-house of the Federal Assembly of Russia, who now lives in exile and is a fierce Vladimir Putin opponent.

According to him, Vladimir Putin is no longer in control of the disastrous war in Ukraine and for the first timehe is not determining his future,

‘This is the first time when his future is not defined by himself.’

Growing Paranoia

According to Mr Feygin, Vladimir Putin is entering his eight-decade and his age has made him somewhat paranoid, stoking fears from his inner circle and taking every regress personally.

Exiled prominent Russian lawyer says Vladimir Putin has lost control SOPA Images / Contributeur

He also believes that Vladimir Putinsees enemies everywhere and his condition is not improving.

'He's entering the eighth decade of his life, and his psychological condition is not good. He is somewhat paranoid right now, and he sees or expects that his own inner circle, his own people, may rejoice to a certain degree that these failures are happening to him.'

Mr Feygin also believes that the outcome of the Ukraine War will likely topple the current government in Moscow and might even lead to a Russian civil war if Vladimir Putinrefuses to cede power, The US Express News reports.

'They could become part of that civil war scenario in Russia, which would likely include the military, the FSB and other inner circles that would resist losing power if Putin quits or is forced to leave his position.'

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