Vladimir Putin: Another close ally has died, the latest in a series of 'mysterious' deaths

Nikolay Petrunin, a close ally of Vladimir Putin, has died suddenly, shocking and furthering the fears of Moscow's elite.

Another Vladimir Putin ally perishes
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Another Vladimir Putin ally perishes

Nikolay Petrunin, who has been widely known as Russia’s gas wonder-kid and closeVladimir Putin ally, has mysteriously died in a Moscow hospital after falling into a month-long comaallegedly due to COVID-19 complications, CityA.M. reports.

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Political prodigy and close Putin ally

Nikolay Petrunin was a multi-millionaire who amassed great wealth in the energy industry by establishing gas pipelines in Siberia, he was largely described as a Kremlin-insider and an extremely closeally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In recent times Petrunin was serving as one of the most senior executives at energy giant Gazprom. He also served as vice-Chairman of the prestigious Energy Commission of the Russian Parliament.

The father of three had allegedly fallen ill to COVID before entering a weeks long coma out of which he never recovered. His sudden death raised many questions on the Russian Telegram app and other social media platforms.

A slate of recent mysterious deaths has rocked Moscow’s elite

The death of Nikolay Petrunin, follows several other mysterious deaths among the Russian elite.

Another Vladimir Putin ally perishes Contributor / Contributeur

METRO reports that Petrunin’s death comes only days after another mysterious death of a high profile individual.

‘after leading ‘incorruptible’ judge Sergey Maslov was killed in the Crimean Bridge blast last week’.

It also comes a few weeks after the questionable death of Russian aviation expert, Anatoly Gerashchenko.

Some five weeks ago, various media reported about highly doubtful circumstances in the death of Ravil Maganov, former CEO of Lukoil, Russia’s largest privately held oil firm, who openly criticized the Ukraine War back in March, and ended up falling from a hospital window, CityA.M. reports.

In 2022 alone, there have been over 10 deaths among high-profile Russian individuals and is keeping Moscow's elite on edge.

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Another Vladimir Putin ally mysteriously dies, keeping Moscow elites on edge Another Vladimir Putin ally mysteriously dies, keeping Moscow elites on edge