Vladimir Putin's 'secret' girlfriend's luxurious villa was allegedly on sale for $75 million

A villa in Switzerland believed to belong to former Russian gymnast Alina Kabayeva is being put up for sale for just under $80 million. Unofficially, Kabayeva has long been considered Russia's 'First Lady'.

Vladimir Putin's 'secret girlfriend's' luxurious villa was allegedly for sale for $75 million
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Vladimir Putin's 'secret girlfriend's' luxurious villa was allegedly for sale for $75 million

Alina Kabaeva used to be a gymnast and is now head of the holding company National Media Group. Both in Russia and in the West, her close relationship with Vladimir Putin is now an open secret. Allegedly, she is even the mother of some of his children.

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Putin hid his family in Switzerland

Kabaeva, described by many media as 'Putin's mistress', has allegedly already been showered with the most expensive gifts by the Russian President. A luxurious villa in Switzerland is said to be just one of them. According to a report by opposition publication Meduza, even her grandmother is said to have received two luxury flatsin Moscow.

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, rumours about her have been multiplying. For example, it was rumoured that Putin was hiding his partner and children in a Swiss chalet. An anonymous source told Page Six:

While Putin carries out his assault on the Ukraine, attacking innocent citizens and causing a refugee crisis, his family is holed up in a very private and very secure chalet somewhere in Switzerland — for now, at least.

On the Telegram channel General SVR, it was also reported that Kabaeva was pregnant, but that Putin allegedly ordered her to have an abortion.

The mysterious relationship between Putin and Kabaeva

Kabaeva has been linked to the head of the Kremlin for some time. The first report on her alleged relationship with Putin appeared in the Moskovsky Korrespondent in 2008. Shortly after publishing an article about the affair, the newspaper closed.

According to a report by Page Six, Kabaeva is said to have given birth to up to four children to Putin in recent years. Other sources, however, say that the couple have only two sons, aged three and seven.

The villa worth $75 million

The luxury Swiss residence equipped with a helipad, where Putin's mistress is said to have lived with her children, is now empty. Some investigative journalists have taken up the case.

In a recent investigation, reporters from Dossier found out that a villa in Geneva, where Kabaeva is said to have lived in recent years, is being offered for sale for around $75 million. The property in question is Villa Hauterive on the Rampe de Cologny in the town of Cologny. Some of the richest people in Switzerland live in this area.

For further research, one of the reporters posed as a banker's assistant. Under the pretext of wanting to buy the house, he made contact with the real estate agent. When the journalist sent an official enquiry to the real estate agency, however, he discovered that the advertisement had disappeared from the Internet.

Previously, he had asked if the villa had anything to do with Kabaeva.

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