Vladimir Putin's latest unexpected move has reignited health speculations once again

Russian President Vladimir Putin has cancelled a key press event for the first time in ten years, a move which has reignited speculations about his health condition.

Vladimir Putin's cancellation of keynote event reignites health speculations
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Vladimir Putin's cancellation of keynote event reignites health speculations

Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, announced that his boss will not be appearing in front of the media before the New Year, Newsweek reports.

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The annual end-of-the-year press event

Peskov told reporters on Monday that Vladimir Putinwill not address the annual end-of-the-year press event. He said:

'As for the annual news conference, yes, there won't be one before the New Year, but we expect that the president will still find an opportunity to talk to [reporters], as he does regularly, including during his foreign visits.'

This is the first time in ten years that Vladimir Putin is cancelling the event. The move keeps ablaze the wild speculations about the health condition of the Russian President which have been raging for months.

In a report, TheSun, referring to Vladimir Putin as ‘Sickly Vlad’, says the Russian leader has been in a weak condition due to battling cancer and Alzheimer's.

Albeit many recent public appearances of Vladimir Putin have led to perceived indicators which might suggest this is the case, medical experts have clearly missed out on having a say in this matter.

Vladimir Putin's cancellation of keynote event reignites health speculations Contributor / Contributeur

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Serial cancellations due to alleged health reasons or military struggles?

Apart from the presumed health problems, Vladimir Putinis facing a catastrophic situation in Ukraine with reported 100,000 casualties among his troops, The Sun reports.

Vladimir Putin would have appeared in front of over 500 journalists in the annual press event and inarguably there would have been great scrutiny with nothing to show but immense losses and military struggles.

In June, Vladimir Putin also cancelled the annual ‘Direct Line with Vladimir Putin’ where citizens can call the Russian President and ask a random question. RadarOnline reports this was likely due to the mounting losses in Ukraine.

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Vladimir Putin misses on hosting traditional event

According to The Sun, Peskovalso has confirmed that Vladimir Putin will not be hosting a traditional New Year celebration gala event.

Meanwhile, BBC reports that Putin is required under the Russian Constitution to hold an annual address in front of the Parliament, but Peskov said the matter is under review.

Thus marking serial cancellations of public events by Vladimir Putin and raising many questions about his condition.

RadarOnline citing Valery Solovey, a Russian political analyst, asserts that due to his healthVladimir Putin will soon depart from power.

‘He will most certainly leave before 2024. It is even possible he will announce his departure before the New Year, but this depends on the state of his health.’

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Vladimir Putin’s latest appearance sparks speculation over health concerns once again Vladimir Putin’s latest appearance sparks speculation over health concerns once again