Vladimir Putin's biggest political opponent is a single mum-of-three. Who is Ekaterina Duntsova?

The year 2024 will be groundbreaking for international politics: a new head of state should be elected in both the USA and Russia.

Vladimir Putin opponent Russia election 2024
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Vladimir Putin opponent Russia election 2024

America is not the only country to hold elections next year: Presidential elections are also due in Russia in 2024. It is considered certain that Putin will run again. There are hardly any opposing candidates so far. But one is daring.

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Putin's election is a certainty - this woman wants to prevent it

While rumors persist that Putin is seriously ill - or even dead - official Russian media are reporting that the incumbent president is running for re-election. And even has concrete plans for Russia's future.

The fact that not all Russians are satisfied with Putin's policies is demonstrated particularly impressively by one woman: journalist Ekaterina Duntsova. She herself comes from the depths of Siberia, is a single mother of three and has already gained experience in local politics. In addition to journalism, she also studied law.

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She announces that she intends to run for election

The 40-year-old has now announced via Telegram that she wants to stand for election in 2024 and overthrow Putin - despite all the risks:

Today I am sharing with you an important decision that has been maturing in my heart for a long time. Because I love our country, because I want Russia to be a democratic, prosperous and peaceful state. And now our country is moving in a completely different direction: away from rights and freedoms, away from love and peace, away from a beautiful future.

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Duntsova has to overcome various hurdles - and is taking a big risk

She is well aware of the risks of publicly challenging Putin. She also remembers exactly what happened to Putin's last rival, Alexei Navalny.

But she is not intimidated - not even by the public prosecutor's office or the high hurdles to be allowed to stand as a candidate at all. She emphasized in an official statement:

I understand that many want to wait and see at the moment [...] but we have to act [...] Let's at least try!

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