Vladimir Putin: TV magician Uri Geller wants to stop him from nuclear war with 'the power of his mind'

TV magician Uri Geller recently claimed he could divert Russian nuclear missiles 'with the power of his mind'.

Many of us still know Uri Geller from television. But if you don't know who he is, then a mini introduction is in order. Uri Geller is a 75-year-old Israeli magician who is most popularly known for bending spoons and performing other magical tricks. Geller hasn't made a TV appearance in a long time, however, recently he gathered attention to himself with an astounding message to Vladimir Putin on Twitter.

A warning

The Israeli magician published a letter to Vladimir Putin on the short message service that is a 'warning'. According to Geller, there are 'rumours and reports' that Putin is 'seriously considering a strategic use of nuclear strikes against his enemies in the West'. Moreover, the Russian leader has targeted naval bases on the west coast of Scotland.

Based on these facts, Geller issued a warning to Putin:

Should you decide to use nuclear weapons and target Scotland - or any other country in the world - your plans, and your missiles will be fired back at you! I will use every last molecule of my mind power to stop you from a nuclear attack!

He then called on humanity to help him with his plan. An 'energetic force field - like an iridescent golden shield in the sky' could, according to the magician, 'deflect and fire back any nuclear warheads Putin tries to deploy'.

Higher powers stand by him

Geller firmly believes, that there are higher powers, greater than anything we can imagine, that will prevent Putin from starting a nuclear war. These higher powers 'are watching and waiting, and will stop you,' he wrote, addressing Putin. In conclusion, Geller said:

Your mission control computers will break down, your navigation systems will fail and your missiles will not work! You have been warned.

This article was translated from Gentside DE.

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