Vladimir Putin's favourite TV presenter proposes nuclear weapon use against two European countries

On Russian public television, Vladimir Putin's favourite presenter explained live how Russia could use nuclear weapons against two European countries.

A Russian TV presenter, who is very close to Vladimir Putin, suggested on a live broadcast on the public channel Rossiya 1, the possible use of nuclear weapons against Finland and Sweden.

Chilling hints

News of the Week, broadcast on the Russian public channel Rossiya 1, is the favourite programme of the head of state. Its presenter, who is close to the man who invaded Ukraine, is said to have made ironic remarks live on air while presenting the news in a manner that is subjective, to say the least.

After Sweden and Finland's requests for access to NATO, Dimitri Konstantinovitch Kisselev explained that the request for the two countries to join this organisation would be a serious mistake. He ended his argument on the possible inclusion of the two European countries in NATO with the following words: '...and the new treatment of tactical nuclear weapons deployed in this region.'

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was created in 1949 and includes no less than 30 European and North American countries. It was originally created to protect the population and territory of all its member countries.

A complex geopolitical situation

Between fake news and misleading communication, the media controlled by Putin relay many approximations. With the help of an animated map of Europe, presenter Kisselev explained live on his programme how the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO represented a situation that could lead to a conflict 'like in Ukraine' at the geopolitical level.

'It is better to live in peace,' the presenter said in his argument, in the form of a thinly veiled threat against countries bordering Russia. He continued:

No lessons have been learned from this event (the war in Ukraine).

According to the presenter, European NATO member countries coloured orange on the map are thus detailed as having to 'demand an appropriate reaction from Russia.'

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