Vladimir Putin uses the CIA to keep his girlfriend Alina Kabaeva away from her ex

Vladimir Putin never made his relationship with Alina Kabaeva official. Nevertheless, this has not prevented him from launching a real manhunt all over the world against his girlfriend's ex.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin's name has been on everyone's lips. The Russian President has been in a relationship for many years with Alina Kabaeva. While he has been discreet about this love affair, he is said to have launched an offensive against the ex of his girlfriend.

Putin attacks Alina Kabaeva's ex

On 24 February, Putin declared war on Ukraine. Since then, the President of Russia has shaken the whole world and does not seem ready to stop the conflict. While Ukrainians are fleeing their country, the man, who is said to be suffering from a serious illness, has decided to take his companion Kabaeva away to keep her safe.

Putin has not seen Kabaeva for several weeks, but he does not seem to have forgotten her. Indeed, while everything suggests that they are on the verge of a reunion, the 69-year-old, who is said to have had hidden children with her, has launched an offensive against her ex.

Before being in a relationship with Putin, the former gymnast was dating Shalva Museliana, a former police captain. He is now in danger as the president is actively looking for him and intends to bring him down.

He is accused of 'theft of public funds'

According to Mail Online, Putin sent the CIA to find Kabaeva's ex-partner as soon as possible. He is wanted for 'theft of public funds' while still in his post as a colonel in charge of 'anti-crime security measures.' Museliana allegedly gave bribes and sabotaged a mission while protecting the ports of Provideniya, Tiksi, Pevek, and Sabetta.

According to our colleagues, Kabaeva's ex-boyfriend failed in his mission and is accused of having organised 'the theft of public funds.' Faced with these accusations, Museliana has fled and no one knows where he may be hiding. Kabaeva was in a relationship with him for more than two years in the 2000s.

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