Vladimir Putin should be called ‘ruler’ not ‘president,’ according to Kremlin allies

Allies of Vladimir Putin have said that he should be called ‘ruler,’ not ‘president’. Here's why.

Kremlin allies of Russian leader Vladimir Putin have said that he should be called 'ruler' or 'head of state,' not 'president.' This is why.

'It is important'

The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) - viewed as traditionally loyal to the Kremlin - has urged that renaming the presidential term be considered, as reported by Sky News.

The right-wing party has only 22 seats in the lower house of Russia’s 450-seat parliament. However, it has close ties to the Kremlin and the government often uses the party to run by its more radical ideas and determine public support.

The press service of the LDPR told the Tass news agency:

Although constitutional amendments are not on the current agenda, we still insist that it is important to call the country's main post in Russia.
We suggest two options: either a ruler or a head of state.

Substituting words that come from the West

The LDPR suggested the use of 'Pravitel,' a Russian title, because it is more 'befitting of Putin’s status and role,' as reported by Metro.

It also said the term 'president' has 'always embarrassed us,' as reported by Express. In addition, according to state-run news outlet RIA Novosti, the LDPR has suggested the change because:

The term 'president'… was first used at the end of the 18th century in the United States, and much later spread throughout the world. In our country, by historical standards, this is generally a new word, and until it takes root completely, you can safely replace it.
For example, with the phrase 'head of state' or the word 'ruler'. Both are more understandable to the Russian ear.

In response, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Tass:

It is a new idea. There is no position on this matter.

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