Vladimir Putin might have blood cancer, hidden audiotapes reveal

Rumours have been circulating for some time that Vladimir Putin is seriously ill. A secret tape recording has emerged that further strengthens the rumours.

Many have been wondering for some time how ill Vladimir Putin really is. Time and time again there have been sources who spill the beans about the Kremlin leader's health, one of them being a former Russian spy. Putin’s last appearance suggested that he was taking painkillers like cortisone. His gait was said to be stiff and his face downright puffy from the cortisone.

Putin’s illness

Recently some new tape recordings, made by a Russian oligarch, have come to light, which reveal some never before heard revelations about the Russian president’s illness. These are top secret and have come into the hands of the US magazine New Lines, as RTL News reports. There have been rumours of him getting an operation, however nothing has been concretely proved.

While at the beginning of May there was talk of stomach or thyroid cancer, the latest rumours rather point to blood cancer. The US magazine reports on these admissions:

We are not, of course, in a position to independently confirm this claim. But the recording is a rare statement from a person with proven ties to the Russian government that the fanatical dictator could be seriously unwell.

Secret tape recording

The recording comes from a Western venture capitalist who leaked the conversation with the Russian oligarch to the magazine. The oligarch is said to be one of the 200 richest Russians and to have been part of Putin's close circle of 30 in the period before the 2014 conquest of Crimea, according to RTL News. The latter is also said to have been unaware of the secretly recorded tape, which is over eleven minutes long in total, according to the New York Post.

What could prove its accuracy

The Kremlin leader has been travelling in the company of specialists, including ENT doctors, Alexei Shcheglyov and Igor Yezakov, orthopaedic traumatologist Konstantin Sim, and neurosurgeon Yevgeny Selivanov, who specialises in oncology.

Moreover, his face seems to have changed considerably over some time. It is no longer gaunt but swollen with a plump neck, an appearance that could point to the use of steroids. These can be used to treat lymphomas or myelomas, according to Ashley Grossmann, professor of endocrinology at Oxford University.

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