Vladimir Putin issues rare direct threat to this EU country as relations turn sour

It is rare that Putin issues these kinds of threats himself, but the current situation has urged him to speak up.

Vladimir Putin Russian President direct threat Latvia
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Vladimir Putin Russian President direct threat Latvia

Vladimir Putin is known as a vicious despot who has led Russia as Prime Minister and President for over a decade. He had a very challenging upbringing, and carries the tough life lessons he learnt at a young age with him to this day. Putin launched a full-blown invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and since, his loyal followers have unwaveringly supported him.

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Often, allies such as TV host Vladimir Solovyov issue threats to countries on behalf of the Russian President. However, now Putin has spoken out on his own, and aimed his sights at Latvia. Here’s what’s happening in the country that has angered the Russian leader, and what he threatened to do about it.

What is happening in Latvia

It was during a conversation with members of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights that Putin revealed what he thought about Latvia. This was reportedly broadcasted by the ‘Russia 24’ TV channel. He took issue with what he believes to be Russiaphobic ‘policies’ that exist in the country:

I don't think that happiness will come to those who pursue such policies. Well, I don't know how many there are now, but in Latvia, I think, there were 40% of the Russian-speaking population, probably, and now there are not so many.

Putin’s words echo the sort of speeches he gave to justify his invasion of Ukraine: he spoke about the ‘oppression of Russian speakers’ in the country. According to RBC-Ukraine, ‘Putin is using the pressure on Russian speakers as a pretext for aggression’.

Putin’s threat

Russia has repeatedly criticised similar policies in the other Baltic states, and Putin went on to issue the following threat:

If they pursue such a policy towards people who wanted to live in that country, worked there, created some good for that country, and they treat them so swinishly, then, eventually, they themselves will face this swinish behaviour within their country.

This threat stands out from others because it has come directly from the Russian President himself. As the war continues in Ukraine and tensions with NATO countries rise, Putin is putting an even larger wedge between Russia and the West.

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