Vladimir Putin: Telegram channel makes new claims that his condition is deteriorating, here's what we know

Rumours about Vladimir Putin’s health have made rounds throughout the year now, meanwhile, new reports suggest the Russian President is fighting cancer.

New hints suggest Vladimir Putin is fighting cancer
© Mikhail Svetlov / Contributeur
New hints suggest Vladimir Putin is fighting cancer

The recent appearances of Vladimir Putin have instigated great speculation about his health condition. After months of deliberating whether the Russian President is sick or not, recent reports suggest he has cancer, New York Post reports.

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Signs which led to previous reports

The speculation of Vladimir Putin’s worrying health condition gained ground after a series of public appearances at the outset of the Ukraine War.

On February 18, Vladimir Putin met with Belorussian President Alexander Lukashenko when he was recorded shaking his hands uncontrollably.

Later in May, during Russia’s Victory Parade, Putin was seen shivering and having his legs covered with a blanket. On the same day he appeared to limpwhile walking to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Sky News reports.

New unsubstantiated claims

‘General SVR’ a Telegram app channel has been reporting repeatedly about the frailing health of Vladimir Putin. Most recently the channel claimed that Vladimir Putin’s condition has been deteriorating to the point of having family members and doctors concerned.

New hints suggest Vladimir Putin is fighting cancer Mikhail Svetlov / Contributeur
‘Putin’s family and doctors have noticed the President - who has lost 8kg in recent months - is suffering from constant nausea and coughing fits’

However, the channel which generally claims to have sources inside the Kremlin does not specify which family members are worried, nor do they provide any sources for their unsubstantiated claims.

According to New York Post, the recent visit of Vladimir Putin to a military barrack where he visited newly recruited conscripts, revealed hints which led analysts to believe that he is fighting cancer.

During the visit, Putin put on a show of force by laying down to shoot a sniper rifle. However, later while he grasped for the arm of a soldier, the back of his right handrevealed allegedly ‘IV track marks’ which reignited speculation among analysts that he is fighting cancer.

The report about the ‘IV track marks’ remains unconfirmed, and recently the Kremlin confirmed the Russian President is in good health.

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