Vladimir Putin: Zelenskyy questions the state of the Russian President in a shocking comment

Speaking to world leaders at the annual World Economic Forum summit on Thursday, Zelensky questioned if Putin was still alive.

President Zelensky says he is ‘not sure whether Putin is still alive’ at Davos 2023
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President Zelensky says he is ‘not sure whether Putin is still alive’ at Davos 2023

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky questioned if Vladimir Putinis even still alive, in an address to world leaders at Davos yesterday, January 19.

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Speaking via video link to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Zelensky explained the difficulty in knowing who to speak to regarding potential peace talks as it is not clear who is making the decisions in Russiaand whether Putin is still alive.

Peace talks

Zelensky was responding to a question about how and when peace talks could begin when he made the comment in reference to Putin’s notable absence from key events recently, as per the Daily Express:

Right now I don’t understand who to talk to. I am not sure whether the president of Russia is still alive. I don’t understand that he’s still alive or that it is him particularly making decisions.

It is thought that he may not have meant that Putin may literally be dead but instead has been taking a back seat from events recently with the Russian leader not even turning up for the annual dip into Russia's freezing waters to mark Orthodox Epiphany this year. It is also a clear suggestion that people other than Putin are making decisions as his health deteriorates.

Cancelled events

There has been ongoing speculation about Putin’s health as he has withdrawn from many public facing events and even cancelled his beloved annual press conference at the end of last year, as well as his state address and several factory visits, as per the Daily Mail.

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Some experts have suggested his lack of public appearances could be due to a fear for his safety. This claim has been reinforced by reports that he is using agents of the Russian secret service to act as civilians in staged photoshoots rather than actually engage with the public.

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At this year’s Davos summit, the war in Ukraine was a major subject of discussion with leaders rallying behind the country and a minute’s silence held for the victims who had lost their lives in the war. Zelensky also used the opportunity to urge allies to urgently send more weapons before new Russian offensives, as per the BBC:

The time the free world uses to think is used by the terrorist state to kill.

The remark is thought to be a reference to Germany dragging its feet over the delivery of its Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

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