Vladimir Putin: Expert reveals the Russian President is showing signs of psychosis

According to a psychotherapist, Vladimir Putin is showing signs of psychosis and it may have to do with the pandemic lockdowns.

Psychotherapist Noel McDermott has claimed that the mental toll that lockdown had on the Russian President is the reason he invaded Ukraine. He claims that Putin is suffering from psychosis and paranoia.

Putin may have psychosis

Noel McDermott has said that ever since Putin isolated himself at the beginningof the pandemic, it has caused ‘irreversible psychological’ damage which may have been the reason why he decided to invade Ukraine.

Indeed the psychotherapist explained that spending a substantial amount of time in isolation can have an impact on a person’s mental state and it can cause their brain to become ‘broken’ and can make them take drastic decisions.

Noel McDermott told the Express:

At the beginning of the lockdown, Putin isolated himself and stayed isolated from people even until this point. Even now, he is still physically isolating.
His behaviour is totally antisocial and indicates somebody who either has a personality disorder, which is a possibility, or it shows he is extremely afraid and paranoid.
Vladimir Putin: The Russian President is showing signs of psychosis Contributor/Getty

Putin is paranoid

Vladimir Putin is also showing clear signs of paranoia. Indeed he has started holding meetings at the end of a really long table as well as forcing those he is meeting to quarantine for two weeks.

The Russian President only meets with those in his inner circle. It is also believed that Putin forces some of his guests to walk through a disinfectant-spraying tunnel.

Putin supposedly believes he will suffer the same fate as the Lybian tyrant Gaddafi who was murdered in 2011 according to Yuri Felshtinksy, one of Putin’s critics. He told The Sun:

He’s bright enough to know that under normal rules, his system of government cannot exist. He’s not an idealist.

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