As worries mount over nuclear war AI predicts the UK would be a 'nuclear wasteland' if a conflict occurred

Artificial intelligence predicts that the United Kingdom will be an 'inhabitable wasteland' should a World War happen.

world war 3 apocalypse UK
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world war 3 apocalypse UK

With the increasing amount of conflicts ravaging the world, fears of a global war have steadily increased. Military advancements have created weapons of mass destruction capable of wiping out entire continents. Citizens of the world often ponder the scary scenario where this stalemate of peace may be broken. The Daily Star took to asking Bard, Google’s advanced language model Chatbot, what would happen to the UK should this hypothetical scenario, in fact, become real.The artificial intelligence made worrying predictions that put the fate of the United Kingdom into question as it believed the country would become an ‘uninhabitable nuclear wasteland’

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Who would win World War 3?

According to Bard, the United States is most likely to come out on top in any conflict, mostly due to its robust military-industrial complex. The artificial intelligence states:

Based on current military capabilities, the United States is generally considered to be the most powerful military in the world – it has a large and well-equipped military, with a focus on advanced technology, and also has a global network of military bases and alliances, which would give it a significant advantage in a global conflict.

Furthermore, Bard acknowledges that other countries have also been working to develop their military capabilities which cast doubt on a US victory should a conflict arise. It states that, in a scenario where the US is forced to face a coalition, things become complicated:

However, other countries are also developing their militaries at a rapid pace, China, for example, has been investing heavily in its military in recent years, and now has the second-largest military budget in the world, and Russia is another major military power, with a large nuclear arsenal and a strong conventional military.
If World War 3 were to break out, the US would likely be able to defeat any single opponent, however, if the US were to face a coalition of major military powers, such as China and Russia, it would be much more difficult for the US to win.

What does a conflict mean for the UK?

The use of nuclear weaponry opens the door for radiation contamination which means that, despite not necessarily being involved, a country can still suffer from the consequences of such a scenario. Bard believes this could be a possibility for the UK adding that even if the nuclear exposure wasn’t present the disruption of global trading would significantly hurt the economy and food imports. Bard notes:

the UK could be affected by the fallout from a nuclear war – even if the UK were not directly targeted, nuclear fallout could contaminate the country and make it uninhabitable. The impact on the UK would be devastating and it would suffer significant casualties, economic damage, and social disruption.

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