AI explains how UK will 'cease to exist' in terrifying predictions

Artificial Intelligence was asked how the UK will eventually ‘cease to exist’, here are its answers.

UK will ‘cease to exist’ in terrifying doomsday scenarios predicted by AI
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UK will ‘cease to exist’ in terrifying doomsday scenarios predicted by AI

Artificial Intelligence is in itself a scary concept, but what it tells us about the UK’s eventual collapse feels more real and therefore more terrifying. The Daily Star asked Google Bard, Google’s controversial AI chat service, how it expected the UK would ‘cease to exist’.

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The answer came back with three possible situations, each ending in the UK’s demise. With the threat of nuclear war looming, we were surprised to note that an atomic Armageddon was not what the AI foresaw. So, without further ado, let’s get into our three possible paths to destruction.

A large asteroid impact

NASA retrieved samples from asteroid Bennu recently, which is deemed space’s most dangerous rock. Why? Because it could crash into Earth around this time… but in the year 2182.

According to the AI, ‘an asteroid impact large enough to destroy the island of the UK would be a very rare event, but it is not impossible’. Google Bard warns that the UK could be struck ‘at any time’. And the good news just keeps rolling in:

Such an impact would likely cause a global extinction event, so the UK would not be the only thing to cease to exist.

A super volcanic eruption

Option 2 is a super volcanic eruption:

A super volcanic eruption is a volcanic eruption that is much larger and more powerful than a typical volcanic eruption, and could potentially destroy the island of the UK, but it is also a very rare event.

The last time such an event occurred was about 73,000 years ago. Thankfully, the UK tends to experience very low seismic activity.

A rise in global sea levels

This one is perhaps less surprising; it’s the old global warming threat. A recent study by London Benfield Hazard Research Centre showed what the UK would look like if all the ice on our planet melted. Much of the UK would be submerged, and with rising temperatures this future seems more and more feasible.

However, as the AI chatbot pointed out, ‘it is likely that humans would take steps to mitigate the effects of sea level rise before it reached that point’.

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