Russian commentators threaten UK and US with terrifying weapons on state TV

The UK and the US are once again the targets of threats made by commentators on Russian state TV.

Russian state TV host Vladimir Solovyov
© Contributor / Getty Images
Russian state TV host Vladimir Solovyov

Russian state TV has once again provided a platform for more threats against the West for supporting Ukraine.

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Russian state TV threatens UK and US

The latest comments were made by guests on the show Evening with Vladimir Solovyov on state-owned Russia-1 TV channel. A video of the discussion with English subtitles was posted on Twitter on Tuesday 14 March by Francis Scarr of BBC Monitoring.

Retired Russian general Yevgeny Buzhinsky begun by saying:

We’ve got weapons like Poseidon, well, and Burevestnik

To which host Vladimir Solovyov responded:

I would like to see Poseidon in action!
And I’d like to see Sarmat in action too!

Buzhinsky then threatened a Poseidon missile strike which will cause a tsunami, a threat that has been made before:

You know, if we are to believe Orban, if they’re really about to deploy troops, well it will all end with Poseidon and a tsunami, a 300 or 500 metre wave.

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Solovyov responded:

And then, Great Britain will be no more!

To which Buzhinsky said:

Yes, Great Britain will definitely be no more. I’m talking about the United States.

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Mocking world leaders

Solovyov then asked, referring to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and French President Emmanuel Macron:

And if Sunak is washed away, who will Macron have left to kiss?

The head of RT channel Margarita Simonyan responded in Russian 'opyat s Trudeau' which means 'Trudeau again!', referring to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It is also a play on the Russian phrase 'Opyat s trudom', which means 'with difficulty again', as Solovyov pointed out, laughing:

Trudeau again, yes. With difficulty again!

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