North Korea: Kim Jong-un reportedly wants to rearm his military to fight against 'hostile forces'

North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un apparently wants to strengthen his armed forces. The reason for this is said to be 'hostile forces' that are threatening him.

'Hostile forces': Kim Jong-un reportedly wants to upgrade army
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'Hostile forces': Kim Jong-un reportedly wants to upgrade army

The North Korean regime regularly makes headlines around the world - be it for tests of nuclear-capable missiles or the escape of a US soldier formerly imprisoned in South Korea across the border to North Korea.

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Currently, the North Korean ruler, Kim Jong-un is causing a stir with preparations for war - according to him, 'hostile forces' are to unite against him and plan a military strike against him.

Preparations for the event of war

As reported by Tagesschau, RedaktionsnetzwerkDeutschland and ntv magazine, Kim Jong-un sees himself threatened above all by South Korea and the United States. At a meeting of the central military commission of the Workers' Party, corresponding countermeasures were discussed.

The North Korean dictator had thereby signed an order according to which:

The war preparations of the People's Army are to be increased in an offensive manner.

In this way, any attacks from the enemy side are to be neutralized should war actually break out.

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Threats from USA and South Korea

To this end, according to further reports, Kim Jong-un has conducted an in-depth analysis of the Korean Peninsula as well as its surroundings and, based on this analysis, has ordered a strengthening and rearmament of the North Korean armed forces.

The starting point for these measures could be the recent agreements between the US and South Korea to strengthen their military cooperation and launch joint military exercises.

In Russia, too, the signs are currently pointing to rearmament - you can read here what the Russian president is currently allegedly planning for his army.

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This article has been translated from Gentside DE.

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