Kim Jong-un: Has the North Korean dictator got a TikTok account? Users left baffled by new rumours

TikTok delights many users around the world, from young to old. But has North Korea's dictator also found it fun?

Kim Jong-un TikTok North Korea
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Kim Jong-un TikTok North Korea

A rumor is circulating on the internet that Kim Jong-un has got a TikTok account. After a 'mysterious account that spreads information about North Korea' appeared, internet users are certain that it is North Korea's dictator.

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Kim Jong-un on TikTok?

According to the Daily Mail, the account is called @northkoreanlife. As its name suggests, it is all about propaganda for North Korea. A total of 19 videos have been published in which you can see the everyday working life of North Koreans.

Around 230,000 followers already follow the account on TikTok. The videos usually depict everyday life in North Korea. The residents type away on their cell phones and drive international cars such as Mercedes or Audi. However, the page has been quiet since February of this year.

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A propaganda tool

As the magazine further reports, the videos only show positive things about North Korea in order to get away from Western prejudices and negative headlines. However, the silencing of the negative aspects of the country leads internet users to believe that the TikTok account is a propaganda tool.

In the comments, you can read the doubts about the credibility of @northkoreanlife. Someone writes:

Why do I think they are actors?
This is clearly a simulation!

Beautiful North Korean People ☺️🇰🇵 #foryou#fyp#asia#korea

♬ original sound - Life In North Korea ❤️🇰🇵

The question remains as to whether Kim Jong-un is really behind the account or someone else from the government. Perhaps it is simply a genuine North Korea fan, who knows?

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