Kim Jong-un: The North Korean leader prepares ‘to fight a war’ with his daughter in tow

Kim Jong-un is famously brutal as a leader and private as a father, but he recently stepped out with his daughter in tow.

Kim Jong-un and daughter Ju-ae visit airforce headquarters
Kim Jong-un and daughter Ju-ae visit airforce headquarters

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has a reputation for being a savage despot with zero tolerance for betrayal. Rumours have leaked out of North Korea that claim he killed a general by feeding him to a fish tank of piranhas. He doesn’t necessarily show more compassion for his own family members: there are also wild claims he publicly executed his own uncle by caging him in with 120 dogs who had been starved for 3 days.

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Although Kim works closely with his sister, dubbed the most dangerous woman in the world, he is also said to be prepping his daughter, Ju-ae, to take over as North Korea’s leader. The pair visited the country’s air force headquarters on Thursday 30 November and issued an ominous message.

Kim Jong-un’s visit

The pair’s visit marked Aviation Day, and Kim Jong-un reportedly told state media that the air force was ushering in a ‘dazzling new era’ of development.

Images of Kim and his daughter have been released by Rodong Sinmun showing the pair in matching leather jackets and sunglasses as they walked along a red carpet to applause from North Korean officials.

According to Korean Central News Agency, Kim ‘set forth operational and tactical policies arising in putting the air force on a regular combat posture and increasing its capabilities to fight a war to the full’.

North Korea’s air force

Kim also reportedly spoke about his pilots ‘ideological advantages’ compared to North Korea’s enemies:

Victory or failure in fight depends on for what and with what idea one fights, not on the combat data of weapons and equipment.

According to a South Korean defence analysis carried out last year, North Korea has a total of 1,570 aircraft, including 810 combat aircraft.

The Telegraph explains that:

Seoul believes North Korea aims to build up its air defence capabilities through the development and deployment of new surface-to-air missiles.

As usual, this latest news from North Korea is pretty terrifying, especially as the North and South have abandoned a military pact that was in place to reduce their surveillance operations at the border.

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