Kim Jong-un's daughter seemingly wears $3K designer jacket to missile launch

Kim Jong-un's jacket has one of his bodyguard's facing possible execution, while that of his daughter seemingly shows off the wealth of North Korea's ruling family.

Kim Jong-un's daughter seemingly wears designer jacket worth almost $3,000 to missile launch
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Kim Jong-un's daughter seemingly wears designer jacket worth almost $3,000 to missile launch

Kim Jong-un and his daughter recently attended a missile launch. Photos from the occasion show North Korea's leader on a balcony using a pair of binoculars, wearing a brown jacket. Meanwhile, his daughter was spotted wearing what appears to be a designer jacket.

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Bodyguard could face hard labour or execution

However, it is the mysterious white powder that can be seen on Kim Jong-un's sleeve and on the bottom of his jacket that could have one of his bodyguards in serious trouble.

North Korean expert Michael Madden said that those 'responsible' for allowing Kim Jong-un to appear in public with the white marks could be sentenced to hard labour or even execution. He said on his website North Korea Leadership Watch that his 'initial reaction was OMFG'. He continued:

Personnel who have irritated the supreme leader are usually punished with demotions, hardship assignments or labour education.
It is unlikely that anyone will get shot over something like this – unless the leader is feeling particularly mercurial.
But if he got angry about this then a few people will probably get sent to a construction site or a farm for a month or two to think about this minor transgression.
It is not unheard of to be sent away for execution.

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Not unusual for North Korea

Madden then explained that such a reaction is not unusual in North Korea’s history. Indeed, past supreme leaders of the hermit kingdom are known to react grievously to even the smallest slights:

There are accounts of the leader’s father, Kim Jong-il, having bodyguards and members of his personal staff sent to prisons and in one case to the firing squad for very minor offences.
One unconfirmed story is that a member of his personal staff sat at his desk and smoked one of his cigarettes. Kim Jong-il discovered this and had the man shot.

He revealed that the 'offender' could possibly avoid such a serious punishment if they write an apology letter to Kim Jong-un.

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Kim Jong-un's daughter seemingly wears Dior

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un's daughter, believed to be named Kim Ju-ae, also attended the event. In photos, Ju Ae can be seen wearing a black quilted jacket. South Korean broadcaster TV Chosun reported on Wednesday 22 March that the distinctive stitching on the jacket looked exactly like the Dior Kid's Hooded Down Jacket by French luxury fashion brand Christian Dior.

According to Dior's website, the jacket retails for US$2,800. It is unclear whether the jacket is real or fake, however it remains a bold choice for a country where many live in poverty. Ju Ae has already faced resentment among North Korean citizens for her 'fancy clothes' and 'plump' face.

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Kim Jong-un’s daughter's name has been censored on a North Korean government website Kim Jong-un’s daughter's name has been censored on a North Korean government website