Kim Jong-un: North Korean leader's surprising plans for his 40th birthday

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is said to have celebrated his 40th birthday - but instead of celebrations, the media are reporting a visit to a chicken farm.

Kim Jong-un North Korea leader dictator plan birthday
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Kim Jong-un North Korea leader dictator plan birthday

North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un repeatedly makes headlines around the world, some of which are shocking - such as missile tests or announcements that he intends to further expand his nuclear weapons system.

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Reports are currently spreading that the North Korean dictator recently celebrated his birthday. Kim Jong-un is said to have been born on January 8, 1984 - making him 40 this year. At least that is what ntv magazine assumes, citing speculation by the South Korean government. The date of Kim Jong-un's birth is not officially confirmed.

Festivities - no show

On the occasion of the head of state's milestone birthday, some may well expect the dictator to celebrate extensively. However, the North Korean news agency has so far remained silent about any celebrations. There are also no photos so far.

Instead, there are reports of the North Korean ruler visiting a poultry farm with his daughter last Sunday. There is also talk of weapons and missile tests as well as tributes to farmers' successes. But not of celebrations, as the newspaper BILD also reports.

No party because of sanctions?

There are already speculations as to why Kim Jong-un, unlike his predecessors - his father Kim Jong-il and his grandfather Kim Il-sung - does not celebrate in a big way, as the magazine ntv further reports.

According to the report, the South Korean government suspects that the country's economically isolated position due to numerous sanctions is one of the reasons why the dictator's birthday is not celebrated nationally. The sanctions were primarily imposed due to North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

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