Kim Jong-un promises to reward North Korean women who fulfill bizarre new request

To celebrate International Women's Day, North Korean women have been requested to do something unusual.

Kim Jong-un makes bizarre request of North Korean women
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Kim Jong-un makes bizarre request of North Korean women

Women in North Korea are being urged to express their devotion to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by having more babies.

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North Korean Women should be 'flowers of loyalty'

To mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, an editorial by state-controlled media highlighted the importance of North Korean women fulfilling their traditional gender roles.

It said that women should fulfill their roles as wives, daughters-in-law, and mothers to support their husbands and children in the advancement of the country.

The editorial piece published by Rodong Sinmun also urged women to have many children and raise them to contribute to the hermit kingdom.

It encouraged women to be 'flowers of loyalty' dedicated only to Kim Jong-un and 'revolutionary warriors defending his authority', as reported by The Korea Herald.

'Having many children... is the greatest patriotism'

In particular, North Korean women have been encouraged to have more children who will grow up to serve in the Korean People’s Army as an act of patriotism, according to Radio Free Asia’s sources in the country.

A resident in the northeastern province of North Hamgyong said, on condition of anonymity, that the message was communicated during a series of ideological lectures for housewives. The source said:

Last week, a lecture was held on active support for the People's Army, saying that having many children and sending them to the People's Army is the greatest patriotism.

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A second source, based in the northern province of Ryanggang, reiterated the claim. They said:

They introduced some patriots who sent seven or eight of their kids to the military as an example. The lecturer emphasized the need to have a patriotic spirit that puts the needs of the country ahead of the family, like these women have.

However, the real point of the lectures may have been to collect donations from housewives to support the military. The Ryanggang source said:

In our current difficult living situation, how many citizens can provide material support?

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Patriotic North Korean women are rewarded by Kim Jong-un

The North Hamgyong source said that the lectures also emphasised historical women who worked to support soldiers during wartime. The second source said:

The lecture said that all women should learn from the patriotic spirit of the Namgang village women who supported the front lines in the 1950s.

The North Hamgyong source also revealed that women deemed North Korea’s most patriotic – perhaps those who have provided numerous children to the military – are rewarded with a visit to the capital city, Pyongyang.

According to the lecture, Kim Jong-un publicly vowed he would personally invite such supporters to attend significant military events as special representatives.

These 'military support enthusiasts' are supposed to be identified and registered by each city, county and province.

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