Kim Jong-un has reportedly issued a ban on suicide in North Korea, here's what we know

Kim Jong-un has been implementing some unusual laws in the last few years, but the latest is taking things to a whole new level.

Kim Jong-un deems suicide as an act of ‘treason’, here’s what we know
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Kim Jong-un deems suicide as an act of ‘treason’, here’s what we know

Trigger warning: Mentions of suicide

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Kim Jong-un has been North Korea’s Supreme Leader since 2011. As Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un has implemented a number of unusual laws, including asking his citizens to donate their poo.

In the latest of unusual laws, Kim Jong-un has allegedly banned suicide and has deemed it an act of ‘treason against socialism’ according to Radio Free Asia. It is said that the Supreme Leader of North Korea has ordered local governments to take preventative measures.

Let’s take a look at why Kim Jong-un has introduced this new law and what he is doing to prevent suicide in his country.

North Korea’s suicide rate has gone up

As reported by Mirror, suicide rates have gone up by 40% compared to last year. A spokesperson for South Korea’s National Intelligence Service said:

There are a lot of ­internal unrest factors in North Korea due to ­people’s hardships

This new law comes as reports suggest that citizens are starving and decide to take their own lives.

During a series of emergency meetings across North Korea, the confidential suicide order was delivered. Indeed, 35 suicides were recorded this year in Chongjin City and Kyongsong County. It is believed that families are taking their lives together.

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North Korean government hasn’t come up with a solution

Despite banning suicide, the North Korean governmenthasn’t actually come up with a plan to prevent its citizens from taking their own lives.

As reported by The Sun, during a meeting in Ryanggang province, it was said that suicide has a greater social impact than starvation. An official reportedly said:

Despite the suicide prevention policy ratified by the General Secretary, the officials were not able to come up with an appropriate solution.

Adding that many of the suicide cases are due to severe poverty and starvation:

Most of the suicides were caused by severe poverty and starvation, so no one can come up with a countermeasure right now.

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